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Loose Women's Gloria Hunniford's hospital dash as she battled deadly infection

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TV icon Gloria Hunniford has opened up about her recent health scare that led to her being rushed to A&E.The Rip Off Britain and Loose Women host had been diagnosed with kidney stones shortly before the festive period.

After an initial operation, another procedure was needed three weeks later to remove a stent placed during the first surgery.

But soon after the first time she was put under general anaesthesia for the surgery, Gloria started feeling unwell. Speaking about her ordeal, Gloria revealed: "The last thing they said before I went to theatre was: 'When I take this stent out you are going to feel so much better. "But the next thing I knew coming out of the anaesthetic, was a nurse saying to me, 'Don't worry, don't panic but we are having to transfer you by ambulance to a different hospital because we can't get your blood pressure up'." Gloria's next memory is of coming to from the anaesthesia and a nurse explaining to her that she would have to be moved to another hospital due to low blood pressure, reports the Mirror.The 82 year old star was transported from her initial Maidstone-based hospital to a nearby A&E.

Recalling the impact on her health, Gloria said: "It was like somebody had put a tap in my body and just drained all the energy." Later, doctors discovered Gloria had kidney sepsis.Thankfully, the infection hadn't spread beyond Gloria's kidney.

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