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Linda Perry Reveals Breast Cancer Diagnosis, Underwent Double Mastectomy

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Linda Perry is revealing a secret battle with breast cancer. The 59-year-old 4 Non Blondes musician was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a double mastectomy in 2021, and is only now opening up about the experience. “I feel so lucky because there’s so many women that don’t get that opportunity,” she told People.

While preparing for an elective breast reduction surgery, she discovered the cancer. Keep reading to find out more… The experience is documented in her movie Linda Perry: Let It Die Here, which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City on June 6.

Doctors discovered in her tissue that was submitted for routine pathology evaluation that she had triple negative cancer in her breast, which “tends to grow and spread faster” than other types of cancer and has fewer treatment options and a worse prognosis, via the American Cancer Society.

She believes if she didn’t go for the elective surgery, she wouldn’t have found it until it was too late, as she was attributing symptoms of stress to caring for her ill mother. “My doctor basically said the cancer that I had was the kind that she finds in people where they have six months to maybe two years to live,” she explained. “And I would’ve never found it, and I would’ve never done anything about it when I started feeling off, because I would’ve thought it was because of my mom and the stressful situation I was under.” Linda was told her options included radiation and a double mastectomy, and she thought the latter was a “no-brainer.” While filming Let It Die Here when she got her diagnosis, she decided to keep the cameras rolling. “The hammer was on me, and this happened in real time.

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