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Q: “Can ADHD Meds Unmask Autism?”

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Q: “Many autistic individuals who also have ADHD report experiencing a curious phenomenon when taking ADHD medications: magnified, pronounced, or seemingly unmasked autistic traits.

As one ADDitude reader told us, ‘When I started Ritalin, it was magic for my ADHD symptoms. But what I didn’t see (but my psychiatrist and those around me did) was that my autism came out in full force.’ What’s behind this?

And what else can AuDHD individuals expect when taking ADHD medication?”Certainly, stimulant medication can lower the volume on ADHD symptoms that might have once overshadowed autistic traits and behaviors, thus appearing to “unmask” autism.

Enhanced focus brought on by stimulant medication can also increase awareness of one’s autistic traits, which may have gone mostly unnoticed before.But stimulant medication may impact the expression of autistic traits in other ways.

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