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Q: “Our Stalled-Out Teen Lacks All Motivation. What Can We Do?”

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Q:  “Our teen, who has ADHD, lacks the motivation for doing schoolwork and other tasks that are necessary for living independently.

How should we handle this?”It’s not uncommon for teens with ADHD to lose their motivation for a variety of reasons. For some kids, certain tasks might be too hard, too easy, or just boring.

Maybe it’s difficult getting organized and started in the first place, let alone having to focus and sustain their attention, and use their working memory — common challenges for the ADHD brain.I recommend the following steps to any caregiver looking to help their teen on the path to independent living.Although you might be frustrated, worried, or imagining the worst outcomes (e.g., my child will never move out), pause that thought process.

The best way to support your teen is to withhold judgment. Make sure not to project your emotions and fears onto them.[Free Download: Turn Your Teen’s Apathy Into Motivation]What are your teen’s strengths, talents, qualities, interests, and passions?

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