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Mystery virus 'like Covid' in China threatens UK as global experts fear pandemic

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A mystery pneumonia strain rampaging through China is now threatening the UK - with experts suggesting we could see another “Covid-like” pandemic.

Neighbouring countries to China, like India, have now raised their alert levels to high amid the rapid spread of the mystery strain of "white lung pneumonia." The alerts aim to prevent the “Covid-like” virus from spreading out of China, similar to how the deadly coronavirus became a global pandemic in late 2019 and early 2020, reports the Daily Mirror.

The respiratory disease has overrun some hospitals in Beijing after a major spike in cases throughout the last few months. It has proven particularly hard due to so many infected people showing without any sign of symptoms.The World Health Organisation is also believed to be closely monitoring the spread of the disease.Some states in India are now readying their health services to prepare for the virus to spread across the country, boosting their medical infrastructure due to the pneumonia outbreak.Experts have already briefed medical staff in the country and sufficient supplies have been brought in should the disease spread.

It is uncertain how quickly it could spread with some medical professionals becoming concerned that the virus could spread to Europe sometime soon.

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