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Celebrity-loved diet linked to higher risk of heart disease death: study
celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Heidi Klum and Jennifer Lopez has been shockingly connected to a severely increased risk of cardiovascular death, via a newly published study.Users of the so-called 16:8 diet — in which one eats only during an eight-hour window and fasts for the other 16 hours in a day — are at an increased 91% risk of dying from heart disease compared to those who eat over 12- or 16-hour periods, South West News Service reports.“Our findings encourage a more cautious, personalized approach to dietary recommendations, ensuring they are aligned with an individual’s health status and the latest scientific evidence,” senior author Dr. Victor Wenze Zhong said in a statement.“We were surprised to find in our study that people who followed an eight-hour, time-restricted eating schedule were more likely to die from cardiovascular disease,” added Zhong, a professor and chair of the department of epidemiology and biostatistics at China’s Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine.Those with a cardiovascular illness who ate in a window of time lasting between eight and 10 hours a day have a 66% higher risk of dying from heart disease or stroke, according to the data.Researchers analyzed the eating habits of more than 20,000 US adults — with an average age of 49 — over a median period of eight years.The research was presented Monday at the American Heart Association’s Epidemiology and Prevention│Lifestyle and Cardiometabolic Scientific Sessions 2024 in Chicago.
Canadian-owned company accused of supplying Syria’s chemical weapons program - - China - Iran - Canada - Eu - Russia - city Vancouver - Bulgaria - Syria - city Beirut - city Miami - city Damascus
Canadian-owned company accused of supplying Syria’s chemical weapons program
chemical weapons program.Working from Damascus and Beirut, the company is accused of importing materials used to produce “chemical weapons delivery systems.”According to the allegations, the firm purchases metals and alloys from foreign suppliers for the branch of Syria’s chemical warfare department that manufactures missiles.It also allegedly attempted to procure the aeronautical-grade aluminum and steel that goes into Fateh-110s, Iranian ballistic missiles used by the Syrian regime and that Russia reportedly wants.The allegations have landed the company and its owners, Chadi and Mohammad Houranieh, on European sanctions lists.Their shipments have been seized in three countries, their assets have been frozen, and they are banned from travelling to Europe.The Houraniehs are the only Canadian citizens sanctioned by the European Union, aside from a Hezbollah bomber from Vancouver who blew up a bus in Bulgaria.But in interviews with Global News, Chadi Houranieh called the allegations “absurd.”While he once did business with Syria, he said it was unrelated to weapons.“I have nothing to do with any chemical program.”Houranieh, 44, grew up in Mississauga, in a house near the Sheridan Mall. He went to Toronto Blue Jays games at what was then called SkyDome.“I personally love it,” he said of Canada.He wanted to stay, but after studying at the University of Miami, he returned to Damascus to help with the family business.Founded in 1949, Houranieh & Sons imports sheeting, piping and other metal products it purchases from Canada, Europe and China.
Justin Trudeau - David Johnston - David Johnston says he will resign as foreign interference rapporteur - - China - Canada - county Elliott - city Pierre, county Elliott - county Johnston
David Johnston says he will resign as foreign interference rapporteur
Justin Trudeau to look into allegations of foreign interference in Canada, is resigning his position, Global News has confirmed via a senior government source and a copy of Johnston’s resignation letter.The former governor general has faced weeks of scrutiny over what the opposition parties called a conflict of interest due to his ties to Trudeau’s family and the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation.The House of Commons last week passed a non-binding resolution calling for Johnston to step down over the “appearance of bias.”“When I undertook the task of Independent Special Rapporteur on Foreign Interference, my objective was to help build trust in our democratic institutions,” Johnston wrote in his resignation letter to Trudeau.“I have concluded that, given the highly partisan atmosphere around my appointment and work, my leadership has had the opposite effect.”Johnston said he will leave the role no later than the end of the month, but hopes to deliver a “brief” final report before that time.The resignation marks a sudden turn from Johnston’s commitment to stay on as special rapporteur in the wake of the House motion, which was brought by the NDP. At that time, Johnston said he would only take instructions on his work and his future from the Trudeau government, not Parliament.Trudeau has continued to stand by Johnston despite the opposition’s accusations of bias.