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Rhod Gilbert reflects on “positive” cancer experience: “I am gorging on life”

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diagnosed with stage four head and neck cancer back in July 2022, before undergoing a year of successful treatment.In his new stand-up show, Rhod Gilbert And The Giant Grapefruit, which is currently touring, the comedian speaks about his experience of finding the cancerous lump and the journey that came after – it has also been the subject of a Channel 4 documentary, A Pain In The Neck.Speaking to The Times, he said he ends his shows by explaining that his cancer experience has left him “gorging on life”.“In the end I thought I’d say, ‘I’m not sorry that I got cancer.’” he said. “I feel guilty saying this because of what my wife has been through — we just lost her dad to cancer as well, so it’s been a living hell for her.

But for me it is a positive thing. That doesn’t mean I want it back. But I am just gorging on life.”Gilbert lost two and a half stone in the year he suffered from the disease, and although he has recovered, he is still required to have regular medical check-ups every eight weeks, with his chances of a relapse apparently being like “Russian roulette”.“I have hated the sound of the alarm clock my entire life.

Now I go, ‘Hooray, here comes another day.’” he said.“I’ve got it to thank for where I’ve got to in my career. It’s still early days for me.

But I think I’m a different person. I’m still anxious and all the things you’ve seen from me on stage. But everything has suddenly clicked into shape.

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