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Buckingham Palace releases striking new portrait of King Charles amid cancer battle

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The Telegraph of his photograph. “The King wears his medals with pride but they are not the main feature of the picture.”The image shows Charles sporting a wry smile as he wears his Field Marshal No1 full ceremonial frock coat, complete with medals, swords and decorations.

Royal watchers were delighted by the release of the photograph, which was shared on the monarch’s official Instagram page, garnering more than 200,000 likes in little more than 12 hours. “Very nice picture.

I like the composition and colors in this portrait,” one impressed viewer wrote. “This portrait is 100% better than the red blob,” another declared. “That one is an embarrassment to be English. “The “red blob” referenced in that comment refers to a polarizing portrait of the monarch painted by the artist Jonathan Yeo, which shows a ghostly looking Charles in front of a red backdrop.

The artwork was unveiled last month in London and quickly divided opinion, with some detractors saying it looked like the Charles was “burning in hell.” Both the new photograph and the controversial painting have been unveiled in the midst of the king’s cancer battle.

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