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Woman allegedly assaulted during Southwest flight to Phoenix; police officials respond

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PHOENIX - Phoenix Police officials have issued a statement, days after a person made a Twitter thread that documented an alleged assault on a flight to Phoenix.The tweets, which were made by a Twitter user who went by the name Faraaz Sareshwala, were made on Sept.

24, and as of Sept. 27, the tweet thread had around 116,100 likes and around 35,500 retweets.In the tweets, Sareshwala said he and his wife, known as Saarah Sareshwala on Twitter, were on Southwest Flight 1630 from Orlando to Phoenix when a man "violently pushed his seat back" as his wife was resting her head on her tray table in an attempt to sleep.Saarah, according to the tweets, went to the aircraft's lavatory to check on her injuries, and during that time, two people sitting next to Saarah reportedly confronted the man.

The man allegedly responded to the two with obscene language.Sareshwala also claimed that the man, along with his wife, discussed doing the same thing again so that a drink would spill on Saarah."When [Saarah] returned from the bathroom, her seatmates explained their interaction with the man and told Saarah to inform the flight crew.

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