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Before Liam’s death, we had a real lads’ mentality around mental health

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Liam was initially my brother Daniel’s friend, but when I was 18 we started hanging out too. We’d always go to the pub for a pint and to play pool or darts.

Liam was the joker of the group and always had people in stitches.He’d come out with the funniest stories which were usually 95 per cent true and he’d add the other five per cent for effect.

He was the kind of person who was always laughing, and he had a really distinct high-pitched laugh. No one had anything bad to say about him.

He’d do anything for you, and he was always the person who could make you feel better.“Liam never really opened up about how he was feeling, but there were times when he’d not be around for a while.”Before Liam’s death we had a real lads’ mentality around mental health, but that’s changed now.

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