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Yungblud shares new single ‘Breakdown’ in support of mental health charities: “Help people, be kind, help the world, help yourself”

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Yungblud has released his new single ‘Breakdown’ in support of mental health charities – listen to the track below.The musician opens up about his own mental health struggles in the song, and he has committed to donate £1 (up to £25,000) to the charities Mind and Sound Mind Live for every use of the song’s CapCut template.A video for the song will premiere here at 7pm today (June 21), starring Dame Harriet Walter (Succession, Ted Lasso), but you can listen to the song in full now here:Yungblud shared a teaser of the track earlier this month, and discussed the inspiration of the song, which he said he wrote “because it’s been the hardest year for my mental health”.“In my life I’ve always never felt good enough, it’s just the thing that’s eaten me up,” he added. “For as long as I can remember i have felt constantly afraid of how quickly my head can turn dark.”“It’s always been so hard to fight the darkness that i inevitably have.

A lot of people will say it’s a phase and it will go away. But it doesn’t and the reality of the situation is I have to find strategies to deal with it.”He concluded by linking to Mind, and added: “Try and get out of your head and notice the world around you, notice the things and people around you.

Connect with them, the chances are they probably feel the same. Don’t let the bullshit inside your head consume you. It just wastes precious time.

Remember what is real. Help people, be kind, help the world, help yourself.”“If you think you can’t do it, you can. You can get through this, trust me.

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