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Christina Applegate Responds to Concerns About Her Mental Health After Saying She Doesn't Enjoy Life

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Christina Applegate cleared the air amid concerns about her mental health. During a recent episode of her MeSsy podcast, the 52-year-old Dead to Me actress admitted that she doesn’t enjoy life and is struggling with depression amid her MS diagnosis.

Her candid reflection raised concerns, which she addressed during another episode of the podcast. Keep reading to find out more… “I was talking about some dark stuff that I was thinking and feeling,” Christina explained, via Deadline. “I feel like when we hold things in we give them power.

I also think that there’s so much shame a lot of people feel when they’re going through mental health issues … and when people holds those in, because they’re so afraid to say how they truly feel, we give it immense power.” She opined that it was “incredibly healing and important to be able to express the thoughts,” adding that it didn’t matter if others were “uncomfortable.” “And, no, I’m not sitting here on suicide watch, OK?

I am not. Nor have I ever been,” she added. Christina continued, saying, “I dare anyone to be diagnosed with MS or any kind of chronic illness that has taken who you were prior to that moment and go, ‘This is great.’ You know?

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