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Eva Mendes gives emotional advice about mental health: ‘Let it all out’

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Eva Mendes is reflecting on mental health, and explaining the importance of showing emotional reactions when facing difficult or frustrating situations.

The Hollywood star decided to look back on her emotional moments and detail one of the things that are healthier when it comes to letting everything out.Ryan Gosling, in awe of Eva Mendes’ beauty, influence, and support, shares his feelings at ‘The Fall Guy’ premiereEva Mendes shares why she’s happy to have had kids in her 40s; ‘I could not have raised kids in any other era’Ryan Gosling shares his daughters’ Spanish nickname for him; ‘It kills me every time’The actress took to social media to share a photo, captioning the post with an important message about mental health. “Let me cry,” she wrote. “When I cry, I don’t really like when people tell me to not cry.

It’s usually said in a very loving way, so yes that’s beautiful,” Eva explained, adding that despite it being a thoughtful reaction, she prefers to express what she is feeling at the moment.“I love when a friend encourages me to let it all out,” she confessed, declaring that she wants her kids to know that it’s okay to show their emotions. “So I do the same to my kids.

I advise them to keep crying as long as they need to. So I really appreciate these posts,” she concluded.Eva shares two kids with her husband Ryan Gosling.

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