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Humza Yousaf urged to hand WhatsApp messages to covid inquiry in row over evidence

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Humza Yousaf has been urged to hand WhatsApp messages to the UK Covid Inquiry in a row over evidence.The Scottish Government has been accused of not sharing WhatsApp messages with the inquiry.It has been alleged that Nicola Sturgeon, John Swinney and chief medical officers put their messages on autodelete so their correspondence during the pandemic was wiped.Yousaf told MSPs at First Minister's Questions that he has asked the Solicitor General to investigate the situation.He insisted that the Scottish Government had not broken the law, had passed over relevant information and would cooperate with the inquiry.Yousaf said: "We have passed over what we believe to be relevant information."The First Minister had been asked about the inquiry by Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross.Ross mentioned inquiry lawyer Jamie Dawson stating this morning at the UK Covid Inquiry that "no messages were provided".This was despite ministers being "asked to provide all combinations" for "all key decisions".Yousaf said the Scottish Government will "cooperate fully" and "any potential relevant information that we hold", will be handed over and has been handed over.He added that "we will fully investigate" any concerns.The First Minister also insisted that "decisions were not made over WhatsApp".He gave an "absolute assurance" that "where we hold any relevant information, that will be passed on".Ross accused Yousaf of having "inadvertently misled" Holyrood by his response.He claimed that WhatsApp is routinely used by ministers, including over "decisions the Scottish Government might have to take".The Tory leader told MSPs "there is no excuse" for "information being withheld from grieving families".Yousaf denied he had "inadvertently misled"

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