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Howie Mandel - Tiny B.C. toddler becomes viral TikTok sensation working in his parents’ store -
Tiny B.C. toddler becomes viral TikTok sensation working in his parents’ store
captured the attention of millions around the world.Thomas Pethick is only 15 months old but he already loves to help out in his parent’s Water Utility Company in Quesnel.He started going to work with his mom last September.“Since then, he’s just been watching what we do every day,” mom Tamara Pelletier said.On Friday, Pelletier posted a video on TikTok of Thomas helping to move and load empty four-gallon water jugs in the store, setting it to the music of I Like to Move it.The video amassed more than 33 million views and has been seen in dozens of countries.“It’s tough to get people working, it’s tough to get kids involved and that kind of message just blew up, I think,” Pelletier said.“We have the delivery truck come and go a couple of times a day and we load it up in the morning and we unload it throughout the day and he just watches and likes to pack the jugs around.”Even Canadian comedian Howie Mandel shared the video on his TikTok account, joking about child labour and how Thomas works from the moment he wakes up until his bedtime with no health benefits.Pelletier said Thomas has attracted quite the following in Quesnel already.“He’s got quite the fan base around here,” she said. Read more: New Brunswick boy driving a mini-Zamboni noticed by NHL Read next: Part of the Sun breaks free and forms a strange vortex, baffling scientists “He likes to sweep, he likes to mop.