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Why was Trump indicted? What to expect in New York hush money case
Trump’s business, political and personal dealings. Trump is currently ramping up to regain the White House in 2024 while simultaneously battling other legal problems. Here is a look at why he was indicted in New York and what’s going to happen next in that legal process. RELATED: Trump indicted: Charged in New York over hush money paid during 2016 campaignTrump’s indictment in New York has to do with a so-called "hush money" payment made during the height of his 2016 presidential campaign. While making a hush-money payment isn’t itself an illegal act, the way Trump funneled the money might have made it one. A $130,000 payment was made to porn star Stormy Daniels to keep her from going public during Trump’s presidential campaign about a sexual encounter she claims she had with the Republican years ago. The money was paid out of the personal funds of Trump’s now-estranged lawyer, Michael Cohen, who then said he was reimbursed by the Trump Organization and also paid extra bonuses for a total that eventually rose to $420,000. Manhattan prosecutors had been examining whether any state laws were broken in connection with the payment or the way Trump’s company compensated Cohen for his work to keep the allegations quiet. The grand jury heard evidence and from a number of witnesses in secret since January. FILE - U.S.