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Germany to provide $1.4 billion to Holocaust survivors globally in 2024 - - New York - Germany - city Berlin - Belgium - city Brussels, Belgium
Germany to provide $1.4 billion to Holocaust survivors globally in 2024
FILE - Holocaust memorial and the 2,711 tombs by architect Peter Eisenman, in Mitte area of Berlin. (Photo by michel Setboun/Corbis via Getty Images) BERLIN - The organization that handles claims on behalf of Jews who suffered under the Nazis said Thursday that Germany has agreed to extend another $1.4 billion (1.29 billion euros) overall for Holocaust survivors around the globe for the coming year.The compensation was negotiated with Germany's finance ministry and includes $888.9 million to provide home care and supportive services for frail and vulnerable Holocaust survivors.Additionally, increases of $175 million to symbolic payments of the Hardship Fund Supplemental program have been achieved, impacting more than 128,000 Holocaust survivors globally, according to the New York-based Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, also referred to as the Claims Conference."Every year these negotiations become more and more critical as this last generation of Holocaust survivors age and their needs increase," said Greg Schneider, the Claims Conference’s executive vice president."Being able to ensure direct payments to survivors in addition to the expansions to the social welfare services is essential in making sure every Holocaust survivor is taken care of for as long as it is required, addressing each individual need," Schneider added.Concentration camp survivor Margot Friedlander addressed the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium, to mark Holocaust Memorial Day on January 27.
Tom Hanks - Rita Wilson - Elvis Presley - Forrest Gump - Dan Murphy - 'Back the f**k up' Tom Hanks rages at fan as wife is almost knocked over amid health fears - - Usa - city New York - Los Angeles - city Berlin - city Seattle - county York - Morocco
'Back the f**k up' Tom Hanks rages at fan as wife is almost knocked over amid health fears
Tom Hanks raged at aggressive fans as he and his wife Rita Wilson were leaving a restaurant in midtown, New York City last night.The star told one fan to “back the f**k up” after the rowdy group of fans led to Rita stumbling over.  Tom and Rita were swarmed by movie lovers taking pictures of them as they made their way to a car in the US city last night.The movie star yelled at fans when they got so close to them that it caused Rita to trip.“Back the f**k up!” he yelled incredulously. “Knocking over my wife?!”“Sorry about that Tom!” a couple of the men present at the scene shouted to the movie star. “What are they doing out here?” another asked, as the star was helped into his car.Tom and Rita were enjoying dinner together last night before the altercation occurred. It comes after the Forrest Gump actor sparked health fears this week.Tom’s hands were spotted shaking while discussing his new film, Elvis.  The Hollywood star was promoting Baz Luhrmann's new biopic in Sydney this week. Addressing the audience on stage, Tom clutched a microphone with his right hand.He said: "There is no better place in the world to make a motion picture than right here on the Gold Coast.""I've shot films in Morocco and Los Angeles and New York City and Seattle and in Berlin."None of them have what the Gold Coast have, and what is that? Two words.
Helen Maccrory - Damian Lewis - Jeff Bridges 'feeling good' after battles with cancer and Covid-19 - - city Berlin - city Donetsk
Jeff Bridges 'feeling good' after battles with cancer and Covid-19
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