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Queen Camilla's surprising passion provides an escape from dealing with King Charles' cancer

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Queen Camilla has already paved the way as something of an unconventional consort who is unafraid to champion the most complex causes: domestic violence, gender equality and helping victims of sexual abuse.

But, in amongst the darkness of those topics is a light provided by her other passion – reading. With every joy and heartbreak of the 76-year-old Queen’s life playing out like the storyline of a best-selling novel, it is understandable that her love of books has offered her an escape from the pressures of royal life.

It is this escapist element that former BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond points out has been the Queen's salvation over the years. "I know what a comfort and relaxation reading can be.

In the past few months, Camilla must have needed an escape from the pressures of her husband’s illness and her increased workload… and I’m sure that her love of books has been a wonderful distraction." Jennie continued: "She must also feel quite chuffed that research has now proved exactly what she’s been telling us: that reading is beneficial to both our mental and physical health. "I love to think of Charles and Camilla sitting quietly in a cosy room together, not talking but just reading, even if the King is more likely to be studying his work notes. "She is delightfully down to earth about her literary taste, happy to admit she loves a good crime thriller or a page turner just like the rest of us.

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