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Alberta’s Kenney urges Poilievre not to focus on ‘fringe issues’
Alberta Premier Jason Kenney says federal Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre needs to steer away from “fringe issues” if he aims to lead not only the party but the country.“He understands that to become prime minister, he needs to speak to the aspirations of regular Canadians, not to fringe issues.” Alberta’s premier-designate wants ‘greater’ provincial autonomy, but is it her 1st priority? Kenney also believes that Poilievre is “wise beyond his years.”“He’s a brilliant young man,” he said.According to a recent poll from the end of last month, Poilievre overtook Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as the best leader for the country.“Since the moment he was elected leader, he’s demonstrated great discipline in focusing on the kitchen-table issues that matter to ordinary Canadian families,” said Kenney.However, Poilievre has had a number of interactions with fringe movements in Canada.Most recently, a Global News analysis of 50 of Polievre’s official YouTube videos showed that they included a hidden tag appealing to a misogynistic online movement that Canada’s intelligence agencies view as a danger.The tag, #mgtow, is an acronym for “Men Going Their Own Way” — a mostly-online movement consisting of anti-feminists who cut women completely out of their lives.The Conservative leader has also drawn criticism for his support of the convoy protest that paralyzed downtown Ottawa and blockaded border crossings in February.Poilievre chose to walk with James Topp, an activist with connections to convoy figures who have marched across the nation to protest COVID-19 vaccine mandates.After posing for a photograph with Jeremy Mackenzie — the de-facto leader of a far-right group called Diagalon who was arrested on a Canada-wide warrant for
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Poilievre can be a ‘strong’ leader but uniting Tories is a challenge: former minister
Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre’s announcement Saturday to run for the party’s leadership and become Canada’s next prime minister is being widely endorsed by fellow Tory members of Parliament.Poilievre, the Tories’ finance critic, is the first candidate to launch his bid for the Conservative Party of Canada’s top spot after MPs forced Erin O’Toole out of the position this past week. The Conservative leadership race has already started Among those who pledged their support to the Ottawa-area MP is John Baird, a former federal Conservative cabinet minister.In an interview with The West Block‘s Mercedes Stephenson Sunday, Baird said Poilievre has the qualities to be a “very strong leader,” but unifying a fractured Conservative Party will be a challenge.“He’s someone who I think will galvanize Conservatives, not just in the parliamentary caucus, but across the country and galvanize Canadians,” said Baird, who served as the minister of foreign affairs from 2011 to 2015 in then-prime minister Stephen Harper’s cabinet.In a three-minute video released on social media Saturday evening, Poilievre didn’t mention the Conservative Party by name or the leadership contest, saying only that he wants the job as prime minister.The race to replace O’Toole, who was ousted by Conservative MPs in a vote on Wednesday, is well underway with thousands of new memberships sold, a source told Global News on Friday.