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Justin Trudeau - Anita Anand - Canadian Armed - Wayne Eyre - Search efforts end after deadly RCAF helicopter crash near Ottawa - globalnews.ca - Canada - county Ontario - city Ottawa
Search efforts end after deadly RCAF helicopter crash near Ottawa
Royal Canadian Air Force helicopter has ended and the two members are confirmed by the military to have died in a crash early Tuesday near Ottawa.The Department of National Defence confirmed the deaths in a statement Wednesday.“The two missing air crew members from the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) CH-147F Chinook that crashed in the Ottawa River in the early hours of Tuesday June 20, were found last evening,” the department said.“Tragically, neither member survived.”The names of the deceased individuals are not being released at the request of their families.The four-member crew was on a training mission when the Chinook helicopter they were in crashed into the Ottawa River near Garrison Petawawa, Ont.Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was the first to confirm any deaths from the crash Tuesday afternoon, but did not did not specify which members or how many had been killed.“This incident is a painful reminder that members of the Canadian Armed Forces undertake great risks to defend Canada, whether in combat or in training,” said Defence Minister Anita Anand in a press conference Wednesday morning.She said both of the members injured in the crash were treated for minor injuries, and have since been released.A team of more than 110 Canadian Armed Forces members on the shore and water, an Ontario Provincial Police marine and dive unit, and local fire departments were involved in the search mission Tuesday.Chief of Defence Staff Gen. Wayne Eyre said the incident was a reminder that military service can be “dangerous work.”“Our people know the risks, and they take them willingly,” Eyre said.
Justin Trudeau - David Johnston - David Johnston says he will resign as foreign interference rapporteur - globalnews.ca - China - Canada - county Elliott - city Pierre, county Elliott - county Johnston
David Johnston says he will resign as foreign interference rapporteur
Justin Trudeau to look into allegations of foreign interference in Canada, is resigning his position, Global News has confirmed via a senior government source and a copy of Johnston’s resignation letter.The former governor general has faced weeks of scrutiny over what the opposition parties called a conflict of interest due to his ties to Trudeau’s family and the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation.The House of Commons last week passed a non-binding resolution calling for Johnston to step down over the “appearance of bias.”“When I undertook the task of Independent Special Rapporteur on Foreign Interference, my objective was to help build trust in our democratic institutions,” Johnston wrote in his resignation letter to Trudeau.“I have concluded that, given the highly partisan atmosphere around my appointment and work, my leadership has had the opposite effect.”Johnston said he will leave the role no later than the end of the month, but hopes to deliver a “brief” final report before that time.The resignation marks a sudden turn from Johnston’s commitment to stay on as special rapporteur in the wake of the House motion, which was brought by the NDP. At that time, Johnston said he would only take instructions on his work and his future from the Trudeau government, not Parliament.Trudeau has continued to stand by Johnston despite the opposition’s accusations of bias.
Justin Trudeau - Nova Scotia - Jonathan Wilkinson - Canada could hit ‘record levels’ of area burnt by wildfires this year - globalnews.ca - Canada - city Ottawa
Canada could hit ‘record levels’ of area burnt by wildfires this year
wildfire season this year, government officials are warning.Nine provinces and territories are battling blazes that have forced the evacuation of more than 100,000 people across the country since early May, officials said in an update Monday.New modelling released Monday shows that the risks of wildfires is set to increase this month and remain “unusually high” throughout the summer in Canada, Natural Resources Minister Jonathan Wilkinson said.“Every province and territory will need to be on high alert throughout this wildfire season,” he told reporters, saying that additional firefighting resources will be required moving forward.“While this is not yet Canada’s most severe fire season, if this trajectory continues, it very well could be.”Since the start of the year, 2,214 wildfires have already burned 3.3 million hectares of land – which is “10 times” the normal average for the season, Wilkinson said.As of June 4, more than 400 active fires were burning across the country, the Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre reported.Ottawa is giving federal assistance to at least three provinces – Alberta, Nova Scotia and Quebec.The Canadian military as well as hundreds of international firefighters are on the ground giving a much-needed helping hand to local emergency teams.Despite the “very serious projections”, Canada is expected to have enough resources to cover the summer months, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said.“If things get worse, we ..
Justin Trudeau - Nova Scotia - Sue Serio - Code Orange: Smoke from wildfire in Canada prompts air quality alerts in Pennsylvania, New Jersey - fox29.com - Canada - state Pennsylvania - state New Jersey - state Delaware - county Chester - county Halifax - Philadelphia, state New Jersey
Code Orange: Smoke from wildfire in Canada prompts air quality alerts in Pennsylvania, New Jersey
PHILADELPHIA - Smoke from a wildfire more than 600 miles away is impacting the Delaware Valley, bringing hazy conditions to the area and prompting air quality alerts. In Halifax, Nova Scotia, more than 16,000 people have been forced to evacuate as a wildfire burns. Authorities say the fire has burned more than 25,000 acres of land and damaged about 200 homes. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau addressed the wildfires in a tweet, calling the situation "incredibly serious." Despite being hundreds of miles away, smoke from the burning wildfires is impacting the Delaware Valley. A wildfire burning in Nova Scotia has led to code orange air quality alerts in several New Jersey and Pennsylvania counties.In Chester County, the West Chester Fire Department is warning about hazy smoke and a burning odor in the air. Officials say there is no immediate threat to the area, but code orange air quality alerts have been issued for several counties in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Sensitive groups like children, the elderly and those with respiratory conditions should limit time outside due to the smoke particles in the air. The smoke from the fire will also cause hazy skies and a vibrant-colored sunrise and sunset, according to FOX 29's Sue Serio. FOX 29's Sue Serio has your Wednesday morning weather forecast.
Justin Trudeau - Danielle Smith - Rachel Notley - Alberta - What Danielle Smith’s Alberta election win means for the rest of Canada - globalnews.ca - Britain - Canada - city Ottawa - county Smith - city Columbia, Britain
What Danielle Smith’s Alberta election win means for the rest of Canada
Danielle Smith took the podium Monday night to celebrate her victory in the Alberta election, she had a message for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.“Hopefully the prime minister and his caucus are watching tonight,” the newly re-elected premier told a raucous crowd of supporters in Calgary.Indeed, all eyes will be on Alberta as Smith begins her second term, which political watchers say will have implications not just for the province but for the rest of Canada as well.Alberta has always had a testy relationship with the federal government and even other provinces as it defends its profitable energy industry and other interests.But the past four years under the United Conservative Party and during the COVID-19 pandemic have seen Edmonton’s relations with Ottawa grow particularly tempestuous.The question now is whether a fresh start is on the horizon — though experts have doubts.“It’s gospel that the federal government ignores Alberta, and to a degree that is correct,” said Allan Tupper, a political science professor at the University of British Columbia who spent decades teaching in Alberta. “There’s a great deal of resentment.”“At the end of the day, (Smith) has to recognize that she has to deal with the federal government.
Justin Trudeau - Nova Scotia - Bill Blair - Nova Scotia wildfires: Ottawa ready to assist as blaze burns near Halifax - globalnews.ca - city Ottawa - county Halifax
Nova Scotia wildfires: Ottawa ready to assist as blaze burns near Halifax
Justin Trudeau said in a tweet Monday.“We’re keeping everyone affected in our thoughts, and we’re thanking those who are working hard to keep people safe.”The wildfire situation in Nova Scotia is incredibly serious – and we stand ready to provide any federal support and assistance needed. We’re keeping everyone affected in our thoughts, and we’re thanking those who are working hard to keep people safe.— Justin Trudeau (@JustinTrudeau) May 29, 2023A total of 13 active wildfires were burning in the province as of Monday morning.In the Halifax region, a local state of emergency has been declared because of the blaze that started Sunday afternoon in Tantallon.The exurban community is roughly a 30-minute drive northwest of downtown Halifax.Federal Emergency Preparedness Minister Bill Blair said in a tweet Sunday that the federal government was following the wildfires in Nova Scotia “closely” and stands “ready to help if federal assistance is required.”“We have been in touch with Nova Scotia and our officials at the Government Operations Centre are engaging with provincial officials,” a spokesperson for Blair told Global News Monday.“Should the province request federal assistance, we will work with them to identify and mobilize the federal resources that meet the needs they outline.”In an update Monday morning, Halifax Regional Fire and Emergency Deputy Chief Dave Meldrum told reporters that the fire burning in the Tantallon and Hammonds Plains area is “ongoing and still not under control.”He said firefighters were called to the Westwood subdivision of Tantallon, around 3:30 p.m.
Joe Biden - Justin Trudeau - Emmanuel Macron - Vladimir Putin - Charles Michel - Volodymyr Zelenskyy - Fumio Kishida - Oleksiy Danilov - Giorgia Meloni - Zelenskyy to join G7 as world leaders tighten sanctions against Russia - fox29.com - China - Japan - Usa - France - Canada - Russia - Saudi Arabia - North Korea - Ukraine
Zelenskyy to join G7 as world leaders tighten sanctions against Russia
FILE - (L to R) European Council President Charles Michel, Italys Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, Canadas Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Frances President Emmanuel Macron, Japans Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, US President Joe Biden, Germanys Chancello HIROSHIMA, Japan - Leaders of the world’s most powerful democracies vowed Friday to tighten punishments on Russia for its 15-month invasion of Ukraine, days before President Volodymyr Zelenskyy joins the Group of Seven summit in person on Sunday."Our support for Ukraine will not waver," the G7 leaders said in a statement released after closed-door meetings, vowing "to stand together against Russia’s illegal, unjustifiable, and unprovoked war of aggression against Ukraine.""Russia started this war and can end this war," they said.Oleksiy Danilov, secretary of Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council, confirmed on national television that Zelenskyy would attend the summit."We were sure that our president would be where Ukraine needed him, in any part of the world, to solve the issue of stability of our country," Danilov said Friday. "There will be very important matters decided there, so physical presence is a crucial thing to defend our interests."Zelenskyy on Friday opened a visit to Saudi Arabia, where Arab leaders were holding a separate summit, he announced.Russian President Vladimir Putin’s nuclear threats against Ukraine, along with North Korea's months-long barrage of missile tests and China’s rapidly expanding nuclear arsenal, have resonated with Japan’s push to make nuclear disarmament a major part of the summit.
Justin Trudeau - Fumio Kishida - Giorgia Meloni - Trudeau calls out Italy’s LGBTQ+ stance during G7 meeting with Meloni - globalnews.ca - Japan - Italy - Canada - city Rome - city Naples - county Summit
Trudeau calls out Italy’s LGBTQ+ stance during G7 meeting with Meloni
Justin Trudeau called out the Italian government’s stance on LGBTQ rights during a bilateral meeting with Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni at the G7 Leaders’ Summit in Hiroshima, Japan.“Obviously, Canada is concerned about some of the (positions) that Italy is taking in terms of LGBT rights,” Trudeau told Meloni at the start of the meeting.“But I look forward to talking with you about that.”The comments were made at the start of the meeting, prior to media being ushered out of the room.In March, gay rights activists denounced as homophobic moves by Meloni’s far-right-led government to limit recognition of parental rights to the biological parent only in families with same-sex parents.In a move that would impact hundreds of families, the government told the city of Milan to stop automatically recording both parents in same-sex couples on city registers.It was the last major city to continue the practice that had been briefly adopted in Rome, Turin, Naples and elsewhere after Italy’s high court in 2016 made it easier for gay people to adopt a partner’s biological child.In a readout of the meeting sent out by the Prime Minister’s Office, it says the leaders “exchanged views on the importance of protecting and defending human rights, including the rights of 2SLGBTQI+ people.”“Prime Minister Meloni responded that her government is following court decisions and is not deviating from previous administrations,” the summary said.Trudeau met with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida earlier in the morning, where both leaders discussed increasing co-operation between G7 countries to further peace and economic prosperity.The G7 Leaders’ Summit is taking place between Friday and Sunday.The summit is expected to focus on
Justin Trudeau - Michael Kovrig - Michael Spavor - Han Dong to sit as Independent MP following ‘serious’ allegations in new report - globalnews.ca - China - city Beijing
Han Dong to sit as Independent MP following ‘serious’ allegations in new report
Han Dong announced Wednesday night he is leaving the Liberal caucus and will sit as an Independent member of Parliament.His remarks in the House of Commons came hours after Global News reported that Dong privately advised a senior Chinese diplomat in February 2021 that Beijing should hold off freeing Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor, according to two separate national security sources.“I have informed the prime minister and the leadership of the Liberal Party caucus that I will be sitting as an Independent at the conclusion of these remarks,” he said.“Mr. Speaker, I am in your hands as to what happens next.” Read more: Liberal MP Han Dong secretly advised Chinese diplomat in 2021 to delay freeing Two Michaels: sources Dong emphatically denied the allegations against him in remarks directed both to the House and the families of Kovrig and Spavor, who were detained in China for over three years on allegations of espionage.“The allegations made against me are as false as the ones made against you,” he said, referring to Kovrig and Spavor.“Let me assure you, as a parliamentarian and as a person, I have never and would never advocate or support the violation of the basic human rights of any Canadian — of anyone, anywhere, period.”He broke down in tears as he concluded his remarks by thanking his family.
Justin Pierre James Trudeau (born December 25, 1971) is a Canadian politician who has served as the 23rd prime minister of Canada since 2015 and has been the leader of the Liberal Party since 2013. Trudeau is the second-youngest Canadian prime minister after Joe Clark; he is also the first to be related to a previous holder of the post, as the eldest son of Pierre Trudeau.