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Prince Harry ‘hit hard’ by Kate Middleton cancer battle as she and William are ‘going through hell’
touched down in London to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games.Later that day, Harry’s reps confirmed to The Post that he will not be meeting up with his estranged father this week due to King Charles’ “full” schedule.What’s more, the rest of the royals have made no plans to see him during his brief visit to London, which includes the Prince and Princess of Wales.“Harry would love to reconnect with Kate,” Christopher Andersen, who penned “The King: The Life of Charles III,” told Fox News.“They were once extremely close, and Harry was hit hard by the news of her cancer diagnosis, which he learned about just the way the rest of us did, via Kate’s shocking video.”“Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear [Prince] William is willing to let his brother anywhere near his ailing wife,” he added.Andersen said there has been “too much drama” between the two camps that has caused “lingering bitterness on everyone’s part.”“The chances of even a meeting between Harry and the rest of the royal family, much less some sort of reconciliation, seem extremely slim,” he added.In a further blow to the exiled royal, Harry was reportedly forced to check into a hotel room after not being offered a bed at any royal residences peppered across the country. He also won’t be seeing King Charles while in the UK.
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King Charles admits cancer diagnosis came as a ‘shock,’ gives treatment update
returned to official public duties Tuesday as he and wife Queen Camilla visited a cancer treatment center in London where he met with medical specialists.During a visit to University College Hospital Macmillan Cancer Centre, the king spoke to fellow cancer patients who are currently undergoing chemotherapy.“It’s always a bit of a shock, isn’t it, when they tell you?” Charles said, per the Times of London, of finding out about his diagnosis in February.Charles was heard telling them that he was feeling “well” and “not too bad” as he continues to receive outpatient treatment.“I’ve got to have my treatment this afternoon as well,” he was heard saying Tuesday.While Charles didn’t reveal details of his diagnosis or treatment plan, he did chat to other patients about their experience with chemo.The monarch asked a male patient whether he was using a cold cap — a method that helps to retain hair growth throughout the procedure.Charles was heard saying that the cold cap method can “help.” He also shook hands with nurses at the facility, telling them, “We really can’t live without you.”Elsewhere, Queen Camilla was heard sharing her knowledge of her husband’s illness, asking patients if they’ve experienced tiredness.“For a lot of people the food starts tasting different,” she also added.Following the king and queen’s visit, one staffer told the outlet, “We were not expecting it at all. We thought it would be very generic, questions about other people’s treatment.”“But he was very open with the patients about how he was feeling.