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Top doctor warns of 'silent' pandemic that could be 'worse than Covid'

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A doctor has warned that a 'silent' pandemic in the UK could end up being worse than the Coronavirus.Lord Ara Darzi is a surgeon and a crossbench peer in the House of Lords, and was the first person to ever perform robotic surgery in the UK.He's spoken out about what he thinks may be the next threat to global health, as it already kills over one million people a year in this country.According to the doctor, antibiotic resistance is a real problem, as it can lead to superbugs that are impossible to treat, the Mirror reports.

The expert says this may end up being 'more frightening' than Covid-19, which brought the world to a standstill a few years ago.The 63-year-old Armenian refugee is so concerned by the threat posed by antibiotic resistance that he is setting up his own centre to fight back against the "silent pandemic".

Prince William has agreed to be one of the patrons of The Fleming Centre, which will open in 2028, in Paddington, London. The pair first met years ago, working on one of the royal’s mental health campaigns, and Mr Darzi lauded William’s involvement as helping them have a global impact.

When it opens, it'll mark one hundred years since Scotsman Alexander Fleming first discovered penicillin. But now, over-use and superbugs mean that antibiotics could create killer illnesses.

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