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Anitta On Body Positivity, Plastic Surgery And Recent Health Scares

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. Not because she doesn't care how she looks—she does —but because she doesn't care what others have to say about it.Ever-authentic, Anitta has previously about her plastic surgery procedures and why she chose to have them—“because I wanted to, not because I was ashamed of my body, simply because I wanted to make some changes and I liked the result”—and has always remained true to the notion of transparency.“People are always like, ‘love yourself.’ But then they never say when they changed something.

If you want to change, go there and change it, don't waste your time caring about it and what other people think. I have some friends that are like, ‘Oh, I wish I could change this or that.

But I'm so afraid of what people are going to say,’ I'm like, ‘What? You don't change, because of what people are going to say?!’”Now, almost three years on and as she is revealed to be the new brand partner of , how has her relationship with body image evolved?“I never really cared about what other people might think of my appearance or about the plastic surgeries I’ve undergone.

That’s why I’m very open about these things.”“The procedures I did—or the others I might end up doing in the future—were just for my personal well-being, to feel good about myself.

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