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Jim Kenney - Christopher Columbus - George Floyd - Group sues Philadelphia mayor, officials over Columbus statue removal efforts - - Usa - Italy - city Philadelphia - Columbus
Group sues Philadelphia mayor, officials over Columbus statue removal efforts
PHILADELPHIA - A group that fought in court to keep a statue of Christopher Columbus in a south Philadelphia park and to have a wooden box covering it removed has now filed suit against Mayor Jim Kenney and members of the city's historical commission over their roles in the effort to remove the statue.The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that the Friends of Marconi Plaza allege in the complaint filed late last month that officials conspired to abuse the legal process in trying to remove the 146-year-old statue from Marconi Plaza after it became the scene of tense standoffs during demonstrations and unrest over racial injustice in the summer of 2020.RELATED COVERAGE: Judge rules Christopher Columbus statue can remain in South PhiladelphiaGeorge Bochetto, the lead attorney for the group, said he sees the suit as holding government officials accountable."Frankly, it’s shocking what took place here, and it’s a shocking disregard for their responsibilities," Bochetto said.Representatives of the mayor and the historical commission declined comment last week on the lawsuit.The 1876 statue was presented to the city by the Italian American community to commemorate the nation’s centennial. Many Italian Americans have embraced the 15th century explorer — once hailed as the discoverer of America — as a cultural hero and emblem of the city’s deep Italian heritage.
George Floyd - Tyre Sampson - Ben Crump: Teen's death on Orlando FreeFall 'worst tragedy captured on video' since George Floyd - - state Florida - state Tennessee - county Park - city Orlando, state Florida
Ben Crump: Teen's death on Orlando FreeFall 'worst tragedy captured on video' since George Floyd
ORLANDO, Fla. - Lawyers representing the family of Tyre Sampson, the teen who fell off a drop tower ride at ICON Park in March and died, visited the amusement park Tuesday morning in Orlando, Florida to get their first look at the ride.CONTINUING COVERAGE: Icon Park Death InvestigationAttorney Ben Crump, who represents Yarnell Sampson, Tyre's father, and Michael Haggard, who represents Tyre's mom, Nekia Dodd, were seen talking with various people – presumably inspectors – near the ride.At one point, someone was seen measuring each of the seats, which along with size, weight restrictions, and restraints have become focal points of the investigation from outside experts, lawmakers, and officials into the teen's death."We are doing a thorough investigation into the tragic killing of this 14-year-old child who should have never been killed. We believe this was completely preventable," Crump told reporters in brief remarks.Asked if there was anything that stood out to him during his investigation, Crump reiterated that he and his team were doing a thorough investigation and that they believed the teen's death was preventable."Other than George Floyd's tragic torture video, I think this is the worst tragedy captured on video that I've ever seen," he said.
George Floyd - Report on Minneapolis response to George Floyd protests: 'There was a void' - - state Minnesota - county George - Chad - county Floyd - city Minneapolis, county Floyd
Report on Minneapolis response to George Floyd protests: 'There was a void'
MINNEAPOLIS (FOX 9) - The protests and riots in Minneapolis following the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis have been a divisive topic in Minnesota, but one thing people of all political stripes have largely agreed on is the city didn't get its response right, from the loss of the third precinct and the failure to protect small business on Lake Street, to the hundreds of peaceful protesters who were injured by police projectiles.    Tuesday, the Minneapolis City Council received an after-action report on the city's response conducted by an independent firm with deep law enforcement experience that confirmed for many the extent of the city's failure and also pointed to its causes.Here are three key takeaways:During the more than two-hour-long meeting, the reports two presenters, Chad McGinty and Bob Boehmer, both retired veteran officers who now work for the consulting firm Jensen Hughes, returned again and again to a common theme: the breakdown in internal communication and the chain of command that occurred within the city and the police department as officials struggled to respond to the unprecedented level of protests, and eventually riots, that overtook the city.In a dispassionate tone, McGinty and Boehmer described how officers in the field became disconnected from command staff and left without clear guidance, while city leaders failed to update their staff or the community as the situation worsened.In the Q&A section, Councilmember Jeremiah Ellison pressed for detail.
Christopher Columbus - George Floyd - 'I have the biggest d*** in Chicago': Lightfoot berated park district lawyer over Columbus statue, suit claims - - Usa - Italy - county Day - county Park - county King - Columbus, county Day - city Chicago, county Park
'I have the biggest d*** in Chicago': Lightfoot berated park district lawyer over Columbus statue, suit claims
CHICAGO - A lawsuit was filed against the City of Chicago and Mayor Lori Lightfoot Wednesday, claiming she used obscene language and defamed a former Chicago Park District lawyer who was involved in the Christopher Columbus statue controversy in 2021.George Smyrniotis, who served as First Deputy General Counsel for the district, alleged that Lightfoot berated him over a Zoom call, damaging his reputation and leading to the loss of his job as well as causing him emotional distress.The Columbus statue was removed from Arrigo Park in Little Italy in the summer of 2020 after it had become the target of protests and unrest after the murder of George Floyd.DOWNLOAD THE FOX 32 NEWS APPOn behalf of the Chicago Park District, Smyrniotis penned a letter of agreement with the Joint Civic Committee of Italian Americans (JCCIA), allowing them to briefly display the statue at the 2021 Christopher Columbus Day parade.Lightfoot allegedly took umbrage to the agreement, telling an Italian-American leader she would pull the permit for the parade if the statue made an appearance, according to the lawsuit.An Italian American group is suing the city of Chicago to restore the Christopher Columbus statue that was removed during protests last year.She then berated Smyrniotis and his General Counsel Timothy King in a Zoom call on the night of the parade, the lawsuit claims."You d****, what the f*** were you thinking? You make some kind of secret agreement with Italians, what you are doing, you are out there measuring your d**** with the Italians seeing whose got the biggest d***, you are out there stroking your d**** over the Columbus statue, I am trying to keep Chicago Police officers from being shot and you are trying to get them shot.