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Chrystia Freeland - Russia one of the ‘biggest threats’ to world economy amid recession fears: Freeland - - Canada - area District Of Columbia - Russia - Washington, area District Of Columbia - Ukraine
Russia one of the ‘biggest threats’ to world economy amid recession fears: Freeland
Russia’s war in Ukraine is proving to be “one of the biggest threats” to the world economy at the moment, according to Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland.Freeland, who also serves as Canada’s finance minister, made the comments to reporters in Washington, D.C., on Friday following the annual meetings of the World Bank Group and International Monetary Fund (IMF), which put out a stark world economic outlook earlier this week.“One of the biggest threats, not only to the lives of Ukrainians right now, not only to the sanctity of the international rules-based order, but also to the world economy today is Russia’s invasion of Ukraine,” Freeland said.“There’s one simple thing that could happen that would make the global economy much more secure, and that is for Russia to get out of Ukraine.” As IMF warns of economic slowdown, Canada’s labour market could be critical buffer The IMF cited the war in Ukraine on Tuesday as one of the drivers for cutting its global growth forecast for 2023. High energy and food prices, inflation and sharply higher interest rates, also factored in to the IMF’s report, which indicated a third of the world economy will likely contract by next year.Russia’s war in Ukraine has been raging for close to eight months since the wide-scale invasion began on Feb.
TSA tests facial recognition technology at US airports to boost security - - Usa - city Las Vegas - Washington - city Washington, area District Of Columbia - area District Of Columbia - county Miami - city Atlanta - city Boston - state Mississippi - city Detroit - city Salt Lake City - city San Jose - county Dallas - city Baltimore - Denver - city Jackson, state Mississippi - Los Angeles, county Miami
TSA tests facial recognition technology at US airports to boost security
FILE - A Credential Authentication Technology (CAT-2) identity verification machine is demonstrated to a member of the media at a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) security checkpoint at Baltimore-Washington Airport (BWI) in Baltimore, Mar BALTIMORE - A passenger walks up to an airport security checkpoint, slips an ID card into a slot and looks into a camera atop a small screen. The screen flashes "Photo Complete" and the person walks through — all without having to hand over their identification to the TSA officer sitting behind the screen.It's all part of a pilot project by the Transportation Security Administration to assess the use of facial recognition technology at a number of airports across the country."What we are trying to do with this is aid the officers to actually determine that you are who you say who you are," said Jason Lim, identity management capabilities manager, during a demonstration of the technology to reporters at Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport.RELATED: Lyft rolls out feature to make airport pickups fasterThe effort comes at a time when the use of various forms of technology to enhance security and streamline procedures is only increasing.
Man, 81, accused of killing wife, daughter with ax - - area District Of Columbia - Washington, area District Of Columbia - state Colorado - city Englewood - county Arapahoe
Man, 81, accused of killing wife, daughter with ax
Reginald Maclaren (Photo courtesy of Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office) An 81-year-old man is accused of killing his wife and daughter with an ax after police say he confessed to the murders, The Denver Post reported. Reginald Maclaren was arrested and is facing a first-degree murder charge. He contacted the Englewood Police Department in Colorado to inform the agency that his wife and adult daughter were murdered. Maclaren told authorities he believed he knew the suspect and a hammer was used in the attack, according to a release from Englewood police. Officers arrived at the scene and found Maclaren inside the apartment.  While in the home, police found two people in large trash cans on the floor of the living room/kitchen area.Police said both women had substantial injuries and had died. Englewood police noted during their investigation they determined Maclaren’s wife and daughter were murdered with the ax, and one victim was dismembered with a saw. The victims were identified in an arrest affidavit as 70-year-old Bethany Maclaren and 35-year-old Ruth Jennifer Maclaren, The Denver Post noted. Citing the arrest affidavit, The Denver Post reported Maclaren told investigators that he recently lost his job at which he worked with people who are homeless.
Spirit Airlines - Merrick Garland - US sues to block JetBlue from buying Spirit Airlines in $3.8B merger - - Usa - area District Of Columbia - state Massachusets - city Boston
US sues to block JetBlue from buying Spirit Airlines in $3.8B merger
block JetBlue Airways' $3.8 billion purchase of Spirit Airlines, saying Tuesday that the deal would reduce competition and drive up air fares for consumers.The Justice Department said the tie-up would especially hurt cost-conscious travelers who depend on Spirit to find cheaper options than they can find on JetBlue and other airlines.Attorney General Merrick Garland held a news conference to announce the antitrust lawsuit — a sign of the importance that the administration places on stopping further consolidation in the airline industry."If allowed to proceed, this merger will limit choices and drive up ticket prices for passengers across the country" and "eliminate Spirit's unique and disruptive role in the industry," he said.The Justice Department lawsuit, filed in federal district court in Boston, stressed that the deal would mean the end of the nation's biggest "ultra-low-cost carrier." Those are airlines that generally provide the cheapest fares but also tend to charge more fees.The Justice Department lawyers said Spirit's demise would eliminate about half of all ultra-low-cost seats in the market.New York, Massachusetts and the District of Columbia joined the lawsuit. JetBlue and Spirit vowed to continue fighting to salvage their agreement.JetBlue and Spirit have anticipated a legal challenge for weeks.