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COVID-19: testing initiative evaluation programme

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PCR) and lateral flow device (LFD) testing within the national COVID-19 testing programme.Detailed technical reports on LFD performance, including thorough analysis of 75,000 paired LFD/PCR samples collected from real world testing.

Also service evaluation studies commissioned to assess resilience of the devices to new variants of concern, different testing regimes and swabbing techniques.Here you will find a series of evaluations looking at the impact of COVID-19 testing using LFDs and PCRs.Here you will find a series of evaluations of different COVID-19 testing initiatives.Here you will find a series of evaluations of various testing approaches implemented during the pandemic.A series of reports looking at case studies and evaluations addressing the issue of inequalities in COVID-19 testing.Evaluation reports of technological innovations for a variety of COVID-19 testing technologies.Documents assessing quality and governance processes used in the national COVID-19 testing programme.

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