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Texas woman pays off $70K in debt in just two years by 'cash stuffing' - - Usa - state Florida - state Texas - county Taylor
Texas woman pays off $70K in debt in just two years by 'cash stuffing'
Jasmine Taylor of Texas joined "Fox and Friends" to discuss how she paid off $70K in debt in just two years using a "cash-stuffing" method. (Fox News / Fox News) The challenge of paying off thousands of dollars of debt can be daunting for many Americans. One Texas woman paid off $70,000 in debt in just two years by using a unique method of saving and spending. Jasmine Taylor of Amarillo became debt-free by "cash stuffing." The term refers to the placing of cash into labeled envelopes and ditching credit and debit cards.FLORIDA COUPLE PAID OFF $190K IN STUDENT LOAN DEBT IN 27 MONTHS: ‘GET A BUDGET’Taylor joined "Fox & Friends" on Wednesday morning to discuss how she accomplished her goal — and why cash stuffing worked for her. "I was honestly willing to try anything to start digging myself out of the hole," she said. After doing a YouTube search on various ways to get out of debt, Taylor settled on cash stuffing — using cash only, and separating it into specific categories based on need. Taylor has various envelopes for critical items such as groceries, shopping and gas, she also said.FLORIDA-BASED MOM PAYS OFF $40K IN STUDENT LOAN DEBT AFTER LIVING ‘PAYCHECK TO PAYCHECK'Cash envelopes for special saving needs like Christmas presents, birthday presents and car maintenance expenses are also important to have, she said."When they come up, you typically have to dig into your savings … So you save in the short term for those big expenses," she added.In the "cash-stuffing" concept, people put cash into specially earmarked envelopes — which helps them with budgeting and planning.
George Best - Graham Norton - Tony Blackburn - Terry Wogan's will - eye-watering net worth, health battle and inheritance bill claims - - Ireland - county Taylor - city Elizabeth, county Taylor
Terry Wogan's will - eye-watering net worth, health battle and inheritance bill claims
BBC presenter is believed to have had a large network but when his will was made public, many were shocked to discover a sum of just £1.04 million.Terry became a national treasure for his work on TV and radio, including Wogan which hosted huge stars including Ronnie Barker and George Best.READ NEXT: Elizabeth Taylor's will - £500m fortune, eye-watering jewellery and £1m given to exHowever, the world of entertainment was left devastated when Sir Terry died in 2016, with fans and fellow stars paying tribute to the inspirational presenter.From Blankety Blank to The Eurovision Song Contest, and his long-running radio programme, Terry is believed to have made around £20 million over the course of his career.We take a look into his last months and his will..Sir Terry Wogan died on January 31, 2016 at the age of 77 years old, after the star was diagnosed with cancer.A statement released by his family following his death said: "Sir Terry Wogan died today after a short but brave battle with cancer."He passed away surrounded by his family. While we understand he will be missed by many, the family ask that their privacy is respected at this time."Fans and stars from the world of entertainment paid tribute to the beloved radio and TV icon, with Graham Norton - who took over from Terry Wogan as the Eurovision commentator - saying in a tweet: "He made it seem effortless and for a young boy in Ireland he made it seem possible.
Marjorie Taylor - Twitter expands feature allowing users to flag misinformation - - Philippines - South Korea - Usa - Spain - Australia - Brazil - Georgia - county Taylor - county Greene
Twitter expands feature allowing users to flag misinformation
United States, South Korea and Australia in August 2021 and will now be tested in Brazil, Spain and the Philippines, according to a tweet from Twitter Safety. Since the August launch, Twitter said it received about 3 million reports from users calling out tweets that violated the companies policies on misinformation. RELATED: Twitter suspends verified account belonging to Georgia congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene In the experimental phase, Twitter planned to test the new feature in a small, geographically diverse set of regions before expanding it further. The tech company said it is assessing if the new feature is an effective approach at identifying and removing misinformation on its platform. Twitter said it may not take action and respond to every report during the feature’s beta phase, but user input will help the company identify trends. With the new feature, Twitter hopes to improve the speed and scale its efforts to remove misinformation from its platform. Amid the spread of misinformation about the COVID-19 pandemic and the 2020 presidential election, social media giants such as Meta, formerly known as Facebook, and Twitter have launched several tools to help combat the onslaught of misleading information. In July 2021, Twitter launched another separate feature that would place warning labels on false and misleading tweets, redesigned to make them more effective and less confusing. The labels are an update from those Twitter used for election misinformation before and after the 2020 presidential election.