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Mirihana protestors cannot be charged under PTA – Human Rights Commission

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COLOMBO (News 1st); The Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka says that those arrested for protesting in Nugegoda CANNOT be charged under the PTA.54 persons who were engaged in the protest on Thursday (31) night at Mirihana, Nugegoda have been arrested by Sri Lanka Police.

Police stated that a woman was among them.Two Police & army buses, a jeep, a three-wheeler, and two motorcycles were damaged, during the protest.

Police said that five officers were injured in the protest. Sri Lanka lifted a police curfew imposed on multiple police sectors in the Capital City of Colombo at 5 AM on Friday (1).Authorities were compelled to impose a curfew after tensions were witnessed on Thursday (31) night during protests against a mismanaged economy and the rising cost of living.Scuffles broke out between protestors and security forces on Thursday (31) night when a peaceful protest proceeded towards Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s residence on the outskirts of the city, in Mirihana.Heavy police presence was witnessed in the area at first, and thereafter the Riot Police, Police Special Task Force, Sri Lanka Army, and Sri Lanka Navy personnel were called in to control the situation and prevent the protestors from proceeding towards the President’s house.It is still unclear if the President was at home at the time of the protest.The people involved in the protest were from all corners of Colombo and expressed anger over the government’s handling of the economy.The country has been plagued by a shortage of reserves that led to a shortage of essentials such as Kerosene, Diesel, Petrol, Gas, and even medicines.While the protest was taking place the supply of electricity for the entire Mirihana area was shut down, the first time.

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