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Wild bodycam video shows car sent soaring after hitting tow truck ramp - - Georgia - county Lowndes
Wild bodycam video shows car sent soaring after hitting tow truck ramp
Dukes of Hazzard scene, a Georgia police officer caught on video the moment a speeding driver hit the ramp of a tow truck’s flatbed and took off, soaring and flipping through the air.The Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office shared the incredible footage captured on an officer’s bodycam, who was responding to an unrelated crash scene on May 24.In the video, deputies are seen conducting a traffic stop arrest on the side of a highway, when a grey Nissan Altima comes speeding toward the tow truck, which has its ramp lowered.Without slowing down, the Altima hits the ramp and is launched, clearing the cab of the tow truck and flying high into the air.State patrol estimates the car flew about 36 metres over the tow truck, flipping upside down, before it crashed down on its roof, hit another car and rolled several times before coming to a stop.It’s unclear whether the 21-year-old driver of the car pulled off the stunt intentionally. Police did not provide an estimate of how fast she was driving when she approached the tow truck.However, police confirmed that she was seriously injured and taken to hospital while her 30-year-old passenger was treated for minor injuries.Authorities told local publication Valdosta Daily Times that there was an empty car seat in the rear of the vehicle and that deputies searched the area to make sure an infant had not been ejected.In Georgia, as with most places in North America, there exists a “move over law,” which requires drivers to shift lanes when approaching emergency responders and rescue vehicles.