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Tori Kelly vows to take ‘control’ of her future and ‘live in the moment’ after health crisis

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control. In late July, it was quite the opposite when the 30-year-old world-renowned singer went through a life-changing experience that left her very much out of control.

While out having dinner with friends, Kelly felt her heart begin to race. She later lost consciousness and fainted at the table.

The two-time Grammy Award-winning artist was rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and was cared for in the intensive care unit when doctors discovered potentially life-threatening blood clots throughout her body, in her legs and near her lungs and heart.“It was definitely an overwhelming experience and, you know, just a whirlwind,” Kelly explained to The Post. “But I’m really glad to be just on the other side of it.”After her recovery, the “Alive If I Die” singer refocused on the one thing she was arguably placed on this planet for: the music.On July 28, just days after her hospitalization, the multi-platinum artist released her self-titled EP “Tori” via Epic Records, which promised to show her most authentic, confident and charismatic self. “By me continuing to put out the music on that date that was already set was so cool for me just because I was able to see the responses from the music and continue to get that support and love and have something to focus on as I was recovering,” she explained.The seven-track project is the singer’s first since her 2020 quarantine EP “Solitude”and 2019’s full-length “Inspired by True Events.” In support of her new music, the singer is embarking on an intimate nine-date North American tour.

With an opening show at the Axis Club in Toronto on September 10, she will go on to perform in Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, and tonight at New York City’s Bowery Ballroom.

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