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Women like hotter showers than men – now a doctor has explained why

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A doctor has finally explained why men and women shower at different temperatures.The trend 'Wife vs husband shower temperature' has blown up on TikTok with men claiming their wives' scorching hot showers are too much for them to bear.

One bloke battling his partner's steamy bathroom sessions is Micah, who revealed the pair can't wash at the same time thanks to their different preferences. "This is why my wife and I can't shower together...this is boiling hot – hottest it can go," he said on the couple's instagram page, @micahandsarah, before zooming in on his shower control settings.

Reducing the temperature only slightly, he continued: "Thirty degree burns, this is where she's comfortable... Her temperature, boiling a turkey." Read More Related Articles Rare coin warning as collector says £25k Brexit 50p could be a scam And Micah isn't the only one who's noticed the difference – there's even a scientific explanation behind the phenomenon.

London-based medical expert Dr Sermed Mezher revealed women are far more likely to experience cold sensitivity and this can fluctuate throughout the menstrual cycle. "If you're a woman who likes to crank up the shower heating bill, then you're not alone and there's a reason for it," he said, taking to his Instagram page, @drsermedmezher. "See, women naturally have a fractionally higher core body temperature compared to men which helps to keep those inner organs toasty, but can lead to cold sensitivity than can worsen throughout the cycle." Dr Mezher explained a woman's temperature sensitivity peaks during ovulation and towards the end of menstruation.This is largely thanks to a rise in oestrogen which is proven to lower body temperature, while reducing blood flow to the hands and.

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