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Amid manhunt, a Saskatchewan bowling team reflects on loss and a terrifying close call with Myles Sanderson

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 Silvertone Club in the village of Weldon, Sask., for a game of lawn bowls on Monday afternoon with two friends, a small, open wooden box on the railing caught her eye.Inside was a pile of badges in the shape of yellow roses, meticulously carved from wood.Nesbitt picked through the box in confusion: no note, no indication as to what or who the items were intended for.“His hat!

Wes’s hat,” one of the other women cried. Nesbitt’s face lit up.“Yes, that’s right. He always wore that hat with the big yellow flower.

Oh, Wes…”Each of the three women rummaged through the box, scooped out a rose and pinned the flowers to their shirts, laughing as they recalled Wes Petterson’s penchant for flowery hats and his other playful antics.Petterson, 77, was one of 11 people slain during one of Canada’s worst-ever mass killings after a series of stabbings on Sunday that took place at James Smith Cree Nation and in Weldon.

Nineteen people were injured. Saskatchewan stabbing suspect was not considered a risk by parole board, report shows The RCMP had initially embarked on a multi-province manhunt to find two brothers — Damien and Myles Sanderson — in relation to the murders.

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