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I-95 rebuild: Local businesses anxious to see streets return to normal when I-95 reopens

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TACONY - There is a definite plan when I-95 will reopen, but what about nearby State Road? There are a lot of questions about the surrounding area and the businesses impacted by the collapse.The owners of two local auto repair shops located on State Road near the collapse of I-95 hope the planned reopening of the highway this weekend will ease traffic on local roads.The one-way traffic flowing south on State Road past the collapse site was thick Wednesday morning.

This is the escape route for motorists forced off 95 and reentering down the road. The volume of traffic has collapsed the businesses of two local auto repair shops, and FOX 29 has learned the expected reopening of 95 this weekend is not likely to immediately help.Philadelphia police tell FOX 29 they’ve not "finalized" plans for the reopening of lanes, adding they’ll monitor the changes on I-95 and make adjustments.Waseem Kakhai is the owner of Car Doctor.

He said, "Opening up 95 is good news, but I don’t think good for me. For me, State Road matters more and State Road is still staying one-way."RELATED COVERAGE:Coker said his business has taken a big hit, but the loyalty of a South Philly limo service helped Wednesday with two vehicles in for repairs.

Frank Zigman, the owner of Ambassador 35 Limousine said, "It just so happened I had two flats in my cars, and I have a car that needs a motor so I’m going to amp-it-up to help him because he’s slow due to all the problems."Up on 95, PennDOT’s webcam showed the outer traffic barriers being placed and what’s called "modified stone" layered.

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PHILADELPHIA - The collapsed stretch of I-95 is reopening sooner than expected, as Governor Josh Shapiro and Pennsylvania Department of Transportation Secretary Mike Carroll will officially reopen the highway at noon Friday.Festivities will begin 10:30 with the governor and Carroll, along with Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney and Philadelphia Building Trades members and contractors, with the official reopening set for noon.PennDOT Secretary Mike Carroll says teams have been working on the rebuilding process and thinking outside of the box to get the interstate back open. >> I-95 Philadelphia collapse: What you need to know about the damaged highway, reconstruction"We, PennDOT, have approached this challenge and our partners in the city, we wanted to think outside the box. We wanted to make sure that we employed every strategy we could think of to try and get I-95 open in both directions," Carroll said. Pennsylvania Secretary of Transportation Mike Carroll discusses how crews will use a NASCAR jet dryer from Pocono Raceway to help finish working on I-95 through a stretch of rainy days.Here's what you need to know about the temporary lanes that make up the roadway: The roadway is made up of high-tech, lightweight and durable aggregate created by AeroAggregates in Eddystone.