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Karl Lagerfeld - Robert Downey-Junior - Rihanna resigns as CEO of lingerie brand Savage X Fenty - - Usa - city New York
Rihanna resigns as CEO of lingerie brand Savage X Fenty
FILE - Rihanna attends the 2023 Costume Institute Benefit celebrating "Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty" at Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 1, 2023, in New York City. (Photo by Taylor Hill/Getty Images) "Diamonds" singer Rihanna is stepping down as the chief executive officer of the lingerie brand she founded five years ago.Savage X Fenty first began as an online retailer in 2018, and quickly launched into pop-up shops selling size-inclusive lingerie, sleepwear and loungewear before opening brick-and-mortar locations throughout the country."It’s been beautiful to see our vision for Savage X Fenty impact the industry at such an incredible magnitude over the last five years," Rihanna told Vogue Business.Forbes reported that Savage X Fenty had a $1 billion valuation in February 2021.ROBERT DOWNEY JR. 'RELINQUISHES CONTROL' OF PRIZED POSSESSIONS IN NEW 'DOWNEY'S DREAM CARS' SHOW"This is just the beginning for us, and we’re going to continue to expand in ways that always connect with the consumer," she added.Here's the setup and take-down of Rihanna's elaborate Super Bowl halftime show set, including those suspended platforms.Rihanna, whose full name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty, will reportedly remain in a leadership position at the company as executive chair.RIHANNA BECOMES YOUNGEST WOMAN BILLIONAIRE AFTER HITTING $1.4B NET WORTHFormer Anthropologie Group CEO, Hilarie Super, will become the new chief executive officer of the billion-dollar business effective June 26."I’m so grateful and excited to welcome Hillary Super as our new CEO — she is a strong leader and is focused on taking the business to an even higher level," Rihanna said.Super previously worked with Guess, American Eagle, Gap and Old Navy."I’m thrilled to join the
I-95 collapse: Officials announce plan to backfill, pave damaged Philadelphia section to open temporary path - - state Delaware - city Philadelphia
I-95 collapse: Officials announce plan to backfill, pave damaged Philadelphia section to open temporary path
PHILADELPHIA - Just days after a tanker carrying thousands of gallons of gasoline crashed under I-95, causing part of an overpass to collapse, state and local leaders announced the timeline for its reconstruction plan. On Sunday, a tanker truck carrying 8,500 gallons of gasoline was traveling in the northbound lanes when it overturned on the curve of an off-ramp. The crash caused gasoline to leak into the roadway and sparked a large fire under I-95 at Cottman Avenue, causing it to collapse into the roadway underneath it.  Newly obtained surveillance video captured the moment a tanker truck carrying 8,500 gallons of gasoline crashed and caught fire underneath I-95 in Northeast Philadelphia. The resulting fire caused a portion of the roadway to collapse.The collapse left the tanker operator, 53-year-old Nathaniel Moody, whose family says he was an experienced driver with more than 10 years of experience, dead. It also left the northbound and southbound lanes of I-95 closed between the Woodhaven Road and Aramingo Avenue exits. The damage has caused delays and traffic nightmares for commuters in Philadelphia, the Delaware Valley, and across the northeast. The cousin of a truck driver whose truck flipped and sparked a fire that destroyed part of I-95 in Philadelphia is searching for answers.
Peter Breuer - Tax revenue should be growth friendly – IMF - - Sri Lanka
Tax revenue should be growth friendly – IMF
COLOMBO (News 1st); The International Monetary Fund said that Sri Lanka must increase tax revenue in a growth friendly manner. Peter Breuer, the Senior IMF Mission Chief for Sri Lanka, told reporters that the current economic crisis has a number of origins including the governments' inability to meet government spending needs through revenue collection and Sri Lanka is among the countries that collect the least amount of fiscal revenue in the world. He said that Tax Reforms are badly needed to correct the imbalance, and only with appropriate tax receipts will the government be able to fund essential expenditures, and avoid further slashing critically important outlets. "These reforms will also help regain the confidence of the creditors, so that in the future they will once again finance the gap between revenue and expenditure," he said.Peter Breuer further said that it is important that those who can afford it may commence contributions to the financing of necessary government expenditures."The tax package the authorities have introduced including the new tax rate schedule for Personal Income tax helps to meet the objectives. The tax rates proposed under the authorities program are also inline with similar countries who are contributing to Sri Lanka's support package, through the IMF," he said."So it is important to remember that there are many countries who have income levels comparable or may be less than Sri Lanka with much higher tax rates.
Voters consolidating around NPP/JVP and SJB nationally, reveals IHP Poll -
Voters consolidating around NPP/JVP and SJB nationally, reveals IHP Poll
COLOMBO (News 1st); A survery by the Institute for Health Policy revealed that nationally voters are consolidating around the NPP/JVP and SJB, and around ITAK and SJB in the northern Province, with support for the SLPP, SLFP and UNP falling,It noted that overall, NPP/JVP support surged in February giving it a clear lead with 43% of likely General Election voters, compared with 30% for the SJB. The SLPP, UNP and ITAK were far behind with support of 4% of likely voters each, and SLFP support remained at 2%.It goes on to note that NPP/JVP lead in February would have been  arger if not for a gap in voter enthusiasm with its supporters saying they are less likely to vote.IHP’s latest MRP analysis of likely voters indicates that in the 12 months since February 2022 when SLPP support last peaked, the NPP/JVP has gained 30 points and the SJB 11 points. Meanwhile, the SLPP, and SLFP have lost 28 and 15 points respectively, and the UNP has seen its support fluctuate but end only two points higher. During these twelve months, support for the NPP/JVP has fluctuated, peaking in April and in July 2022, and then again currently, but over the longer term its support has steadily risen. In contrast, the increase in support for the SJB has been slower but also less volatile. The fluctuations in support for the NPP/JVP indicate that it has benefited successively from successive swings in floating voters.
Joe Biden - John Thune - Bank failures, bailouts divide Congress on next steps - - Usa - Washington - state Ohio - city Washington - state South Dakota
Bank failures, bailouts divide Congress on next steps
WASHINGTON (AP) - Bills were filed, hearings were planned and blame was cast as Congress reacted this past week to the abrupt failure of two banks. A look at what lawmakers are saying and planning as the fallout continues from the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank.While President Joe Biden called Monday on Congress to strengthen the rules for banks to prevent future failures, lawmakers are divided on whether any legislation is needed.Some congressional leaders are skeptical that a closely divided Congress will act at all."There’s people who are going to choose bills, but I cannot imagine that, with the hold banks have on Republican members of Congress, that we can pass anything significant," said Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, chairman of the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee.Republicans say the laws already in place were sufficient to prevent the bank failures, if only regulators had done their job by spotting obvious problems and directing the banks to take steps that would reduce their risk."If there are ideas out there that people have, you know, at some point, we would be willing to entertain those, but I think it would be premature to start talking about solutions before we fully define the problem and ultimately get answers from the regulators about why they were asleep at the job," said Sen.