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Maritime Pacts with India pose NO threat to National Security – MOD

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COLOMBO (News 1st); Sri Lanka’s Defence Ministry has issued a clarification with regard to the security pacts signed with India over a Floating Dock, Dornier Reconnaissance Aircraft, and Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre in Colombo (MRCC).The recently signed maritime security pacts with the Government of India will neither result in hindrance nor threat to the national security of Sri Lanka, as misinterpreted by several print and electronic media, said the Ministry of Defence.The receipt of the Floating Dock Facility from the government of India at no cost has been projected to reduce the annual outlay of Rs.

600 million for outsourced docking repairs and this proposal has been in the pipeline since the year 2015.The Dornier Reconnaissance Aircraft is basically deployed for maritime surveillance, search and rescue operations and to deliver information to various required platforms.The unavailability of this capability was the motive for bilateral dialogues between the Governments of India and Sri Lanka during the last couple of years and it was agreed upon to provide one Dornier Reconnaissance Aircraft to Sri Lanka free of charge, it added.Accordingly, during the period earmarked for the manufacturing process of said aircraft’ the Government of India will lend a similar aircraft which will be piloted by Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) pilots.

An Indian training team will also arrive and stay on the island until the SLAF – gains the required expertise. Thus, SLAF aircrew will receive an added qualification enabling the country to further strengthen its maritime security while cutting a large cost as a result of the pacts.Further, with regard to the Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre in Colombo (MRCC), the Cabinet of.

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