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Piers Morgan - Nadia Sawalha - Denise Welch - 'Utter a*******s!' Denise Welch furiously blasts Piers Morgan and son over health comments -
'Utter a*******s!' Denise Welch furiously blasts Piers Morgan and son over health comments
Denise Welch, 64, reacted to a video of Piers Morgan, 57, addressing his changing views about the coronavirus vaccines.The Loose Women star reposted the video from his TalkTV show on her Twitter page amongst previous comments he said during the pandemic, including a time he called her a covid denier.On Twitter this afternoon, the 64-year-old expressed her shock over Piers' latest comments after he said: “When it was established that vaccines actually didn’t stop transmission, they just stopped people from getting very sick and dying, the argument to suppress any liberties and freedoms, to me, went away.“Because it is down to the individual if they want to protect themselves against the virus, so I changed my mind.“I got pilloried when I said my original statement, I got pilloried when I changed my mind, I got pilloried about all of it and to me it seemed perfectly logical to change my mind because facts changed.”In response, she wrote: "Are you absolutely f*****g joking Piers Morgan!!! You scaremongered, terrified people, called people akin to murderers, called me a covid denier, covidiots!!! You bullied and harassed because you DID NOT DO YOUR OWN HOMEWORK!!!!!"Nadia Sawalha 'very sure' she would never do Strictly after Kaye AdamsPiers has since shared a tweet telling fans he blocked Denise to "protect" his mental health as he urged her to "be kind", followed by crying with laughter emojis.The ex Coronation Street star shared the tweet and claimed he once accused her of "wearing my depression like a designer handbag".She continued: "He was responsible, amongst others, for causing massive anxiety for his CONSTANT fearmongering re Covid for attention."His son today also referred to someone with mental health