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Loose Women star Nadia Sawalha's tears over life-changing health diagnosis

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Nadia Sawalha was visibly moved on Loose Women as she opened up about her ADHD diagnosis.The 59 year old presenter took part in a heartfelt segment dedicated to ADHD back in November 2022, where she spoke with fellow individuals living with the condition, including her spouse Mark Adderley.

In an emotional pre-recorded video, Nadia shared that after completing a questionnaire, she consulted with a specialist named Rebecca for a full assessment.The assessment involved a deep dive into Nadia's life, from her childhood experiences to her adult coping mechanisms and feelings.

She highlighted her struggle with low self-esteem and her decision to stop driving due to episodes of "losing consciousness." At the conclusion of her evaluation, the specialist confirmed: "The symptoms you exhibit are consistent with ADHD." Nadia's reaction to the diagnosis was tearful as she admitted: "I don't know why that makes me cry, sorry!" Back in the studio, Nadia provided a live update post-diagnosis and urged viewers to seek advice if they related to her experience.

Emphasising the importance of further investigation, she revealed: "If any of this resonates with you, just investigate it a bit further because I am now finding out so much stuff.

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