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Review: ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ should’ve worried more

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CHICAGO - It’s not a spoiler to say there’s a mystery at the heart of "Don’t Worry Darling." This psychological thriller begs you to question what’s actually going on with dazzling housewife Alice Chambers (Florence Pugh) and her doting husband Jack (Harry Styles) who live a picture-perfect, party-forward life in a mid-century suburban oasis known as Victory. "Stay here, where it’s safe" is the one directive given to the women of Victory, as their husbands drive off each morning to work on the "development of progressive materials" under the leadership of the community’s cultish founder Frank (Chris Pine).

Except Jack won’t tell Alice what the "Victory Project" actually does; she sometimes cracks open eggs only to find them empty; and a former friend is in the throes of a nervous breakdown about the very nature of reality.

Clearly all isn’t right in the state of Denmark — or Victory, California.RELATED: ‘Monarch’ recap: FOX’s juicy new country music soap opera is here"Don’t Worry Darling" works well enough as a pure premise, if only because director/co-star Olivia Wilde clearly relishes the chance to go full-tilt arthouse visionary after the success of her more grounded debut feature, the excellent teen buddy comedy "Booksmart." The trouble is that once the answers are finally revealed, they’re so underbaked and poorly explored that they wind up coming across as confusing at best and downright silly at worst.

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