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Saskatchewan mass killing suspect committed similar attack in 2015, court file shows

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Saskatchewan stabbing suspect was not considered a risk by parole board, report shows Nine others died and 17 were injured in the community, and in nearby Weldon.

The body of Sanderson’s brother Damien, who was also wanted for one of the killings, was found Monday.Police are still searching for Sanderson, 32, after a reported sighting Tuesday at James Smith Cree Nation turned out to be false.

Police believe the fugitive may be injured and was last spotted in Regina.Court documents on the 59 criminal convictions that Sanderson accumulated in just over a decade chronicle the cycle of violence, arrests and re-offending that preceded last weekend’s tragedy.Sanderson had been repeatedly accused of threatening to kill members of the James Smith Cree Nation and had stabbed two with a cheese knife in April 2018, the court file indicates.The documents, compiled from courts in Regina, Prince Albert and Melfort, also contain court papers that describe an incident that foreshadows Sunday’s killing spree.On January 26, 2015, Sanderson was charged in Prince Albert, Sask., with attempted murder, aggravated assault and weapons possession following the knife attack on his in-laws.He was also charged with breach of probation for failing to comply with a judge’s order in 2014 that not consume alcohol and “keep the peace and be of good behaviour,” his court file shows.Ultimately, he pleaded guilty to aggravated assault, assault and threatening to kill Earl Burns.

He was sentenced on Oct. 28, 2015, to two years, less a day and fined. Amid manhunt, a Saskatchewan bowling team reflects on loss and a terrifying close call with Myles Sanderson Sanderson also has a long history of domestic abuse.

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