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Hurricane Ian may be among top 5 most powerful hurricanes to make US landfall

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Saffir-Simpson scale, but only four hurricanes have ever struck the U.S. with stronger winds.Long before hurricanes were named, this monster storm known as the Labor Day Hurricane remains the strongest storm ever to hit the U.S.HOW TO WATCH FOX WEATHER ON TVA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reanalysis of the hurricane found that maximum sustained winds of 185 mph impacted the Florida Keys on Sept.

2, 1935.The Florida Keys railroad was destroyed by the 1935 Labor Day Hurricane.(NOAA) The Category 5 was blamed for killing more than 600 people and completely destroying buildings, roads and other infrastructure.Meteorologists said the compact storm’s size helped it to rapidly strengthen in the Straits of Florida after impacting the Bahamas.Without satellites and widespread observations, tracking the hurricane was difficult.A hurricane warning was issued by the U.S.

Weather Bureau hours before landfall, but unfortunately, the message was too late for some to take precautions.Damage was estimated at about $6 million (equivalent to about $130 million in 2022).Hurricane Camille is the second-strongest hurricane ever to impact the U.S.The Category 5 storm had sustained winds of about 175 mph when it made landfall on the Mississippi Coast on Aug.

27, 1969.Hurricane Camille made landfall as a Category 5 storm on Aug. 17, 1969. (FOX Weather) A LOOK BACK ON HURRICANE CAMILLE Similar to other catastrophic hurricanes, its overall size was small, and hurricane-force winds only extended outward 40 miles from the center.

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