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Eamonn Holmes' physio struggle as he's wheeled out of clinic in chronic pain

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TV icon Eamonn Holmes is courageously undergoing gruelling physiotherapy sessions nearly every day in a bid to regain full mobility.Eamonn, who continues to work three days a week on GB News, was spotted in London's Notting Hill this week, where he was believed to be receiving treatment for his chronic back pain.His expression revealed signs of frustration, which is understandable given that he regularly relies on two walking aids for movement and occasionally requires a wheelchair, reports the Mirror.He was photographed being assisted as he entered a building using the walking aids, while later he exited using a wheelchair before getting into a waiting car.A source close to 64-year-old Eamonn shared: "Eamonn has been using walking aids for around 18 months now so not much has changed unfortunately.

He is doing everything he can but the lack of progress from the physio has obviously been a bit frustrating." "But he continues to have physio sessions pretty much every day and continues to work hard in his rehabilitation.

He is in pain a lot of the time and so that is not fun at all but he keeps going and he is loving his work still and he is a journalist at heart."Despite his daily discomfort, Eamonn persists in his job and thankfully has the opportunity to sit down when working for GB News from Monday to Wednesday, which eases his situation.He mentioned on air this week about a recent hospital visit, but it is understood he "had a funny turn" and got himself checked out.It turned out to be nothing serious and he was soon back home.In a candid revelation made in January, the presenter shared the "harsh reality" that he might never walk unaided again.

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