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'Heartstopper' Season 3 Cast - 12 Stars Confirmed to Return, 1 Star Exits, 1 New Actor Joins & 1 Star Rumored to Join

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Heartstopper season three is on the way! Netflix just announced that the fan-favorite show will return in October and shared a first look at one of the upcoming episodes.

In season three, Charlie would like to tell Nick that he loves him. Nick also has something important to say to Charlie. As the summer holiday ends and the months race on, the friends begin to realise that the school year will come with both its joys and its challenges.

As they learn more about each other and their relationships, plan social events and parties and start thinking about university choices, everyone must learn to lean on those they love when life doesn’t go to plan.

Ahead of the new season premiering on Netflix, we are taking a look at which stars are definitely returning, who is likely to return, who’s not and who is joining the cast! Keep reading to get the scoop on the Heartstopper season three cast…

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