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John Lennon - Bob Dylan - Terri Hooley on punching John Lennon: “He was stoned so it wasn’t my proudest moment” - - city London - Vietnam - city Belfast
Terri Hooley on punching John Lennon: “He was stoned so it wasn’t my proudest moment”
John Lennon – saying that he doesn’t see it as “my proudest moment”.An icon of the Belfast punk scene, Terri Hooley reminisced about some of the biggest moments of his life in a new interview with The Guardian, including his tumultuous encounter with The Beatles legend.In the discussion – done to help promote new biography Terri Hooley: Seventy-Five Revolutions by Stuart Bailie – the music industry veteran recalled how the encounter took place around 1970.Introduced to Lennon in London by friends of Oz Magazine, the musician mistook Hooley as a supporter of the IRA in his pre-pacifist days and offered to supply him with weapons. The mistake led to Hooley throwing a punch at the former Beatle – a move he now says he isn’t proud of.“He was stoned so it wasn’t my proudest moment,” he told the outlet, adding: “When I met Cynthia [Lennon’s first wife] and told her, she said, ‘You should have hit him harder!’”The response to the misunderstanding came from Hooley’s upbringing in Belfast’s troubled times and strong political outlook; which also led to him confronting Bob Dylan about his refusal to stop paying taxes to protest the Vietnam war.Hooley’s importance in the industry comes from his role in putting Belfast on the map for music – launching various counterculture magazines and pirate radio stations during times of conflict.
Eamonn Holmes - Eamonn Holmes spotted with walking stick at football match after 'agonising' health issues - - city Manchester - city Belfast
Eamonn Holmes spotted with walking stick at football match after 'agonising' health issues
Eamonn Holmes, 62, was spotted among Manchester United fans at Old Trafford on Saturday as he walked towards the pitch with the aid of a walking stick. Eamonn previously opened up about his health issues which have impacted his mobility.A video shared to social media showed the GB News presenter making his way to the ground as he clutched a black walking stick.Eamonn was delighted to be there and mingled with Manchester United fans as he walked.He proclaimed: “These are my people, this is what this is all about.“There are two places that I feel really at home, in Belfast, and the other one is Manchester.“I still have family connections in Manchester and it just feels like coming’s my comfort blanket.”In the clip shared to his 755,000 Instagram followers, Eamonn told fans that he was watching the Liverpool and Manchester United Legends game in aid of the Manchester United Foundation.His fans were thrilled to see the journalist up and about and took to the comments to share their well-wishes.Sheila penned: “Looking fantastic it's really good to see you out in Manchester you’re a legend, marvelous entertainer.”Christine wrote: “Nice to see you out and about walking better.”Mary echoed: “Looking great Eamonn, enjoy the match!”And Edward added: “Fair play Eamonn, one of our own.”Earlier this year, Eamonn opened up about a chronic health problem that had left him in “agonising” pain.He has a trapped sciatic nerve which has become a recurring battle leaving him struggling to walk.He said in December: “I don’t walk, it’s more of a wobble.
Robin Swann - Of Health - Van Morrison appears to address Northern Ireland health minister on new single ‘Dangerous’ - - Ireland - city Belfast
Van Morrison appears to address Northern Ireland health minister on new single ‘Dangerous’
Van Morrison‘s new track ‘Dangerous’ appears to reference the musician’s ongoing feud with Robin Swann, the Northern Ireland Minister Of Health.Last November, Swann filed a defamation lawsuit against Morrison over comments he had made regarding COVID-19 earlier in 2021.During a pre-show dinner event in Belfast in June, Morrison branded Swann “very dangerous” in a response to Swann criticising him for his anti-lockdown stance in a 2020 op-ed, in which he said Morrison’s words “will give great comfort to the conspiracy theorists”.On Friday (April 29) Morrison released ‘Dangerous’, the third single from his upcoming 43rd studio album ‘What’s It Gonna Take?’, which is due to arrive on May 20 via Exile Productions/Virgin.The almost-eight-minute number includes the lines: “Somebody said I was dangerous/ I said something bad, it must have been good.” Later, Morrison tells this listener that he “was just looking for the evidence” and asks for “proof“.You can listen to the song below.Per his official website,  the forthcoming ‘What’s It Gonna Take?’ “features fifteen new Van Morrison compositions that collectively reflect the artist’s indefatigable drive to record and perform live in front of audiences.”The album also includes the songs ‘Fighting Back Is The New Normal’, ‘Fodder For The Masses’, ‘Can’t Go On This Way’ and ‘Damage And Recovery’.In response to Swann taking legal action last year, representatives for Morrison said their client “regrets that Mr Swann considered it necessary to issue proceedings” and that they were “disappointed by the publicity that surrounds the issue”.Regarding a planned defence for the singer, they said: “Mr Morrison asserts within that defence that the words used by him related to a matter of