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James Blake says major labels “should be required to provide a therapist to their artists”

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James Blake has said major labels “should be required to provide a therapist to their artists”.In a new X/Twitter thread, the musician has called for labels to provide therapy for their artists.

In response to a tweet posted by Butterz label head Elijah, Blake wrote: “Labels should be required to provide a therapist to their artists.

You shouldn’t get to profit from our trauma without helping with the pitfalls of it.”Blake further clarified it was “major [labels]” that should do this, adding: “Live agents and managing companies too.

All of them have a vested interest in the artist becoming more successful, which means disconnected from support systems/family/friends by being thrown into a strange disconnected world of touring and parasocial media.”He went on to say: “I’m not suggesting a label provide their sanctioned therapist to be clear just that they should fund therapy.

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