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Gwyneth Paltrow leaves Kate Middleton a sweet message after princess’ first appearance since cancer news
her defiant return to the spotlight for the Trooping the Colour ceremony.The Princess of Wales, 42, looked stunning as she joined the royal family for the King’s birthday celebrations on the Buckingham Palace balcony to watch the royal flypast on Saturday.After her appearance at the annual event, the Prince and Princess of Wales shared a series of snaps from the ceremony on Instagram, thanking fans for “making it a day to remember.”The sweet post, which featured an image of Princess Catherine with her family on the balcony, received a sweet note of support from the Goop founder.“So happy to see you looking so happy and well❤️,” Paltrow wrote in the comments section.While the pair aren’t known to share a friendship, Paltrow is notably close pals with Meghan Markle.In May last year, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex reportedly enjoyed a Michelin-star meal with Paltrow and her TV producer husband Brad Fulchuk.The A-listers were joined by Cameron Diaz and her husband Benji Madden.On Saturday, the Princess of Wales delighted fans by appearing alongside her husband, Prince William, and King Charles, to watch the traditional military flypast with her three children.After the Red Arrows shot past the palace, spraying the colors of the Union Jack flag behind them, Middleton and her family waved to the crowd below.Middleton appeared at the splashy military ceremony in honor of King Charles’ birthday after announcing Friday that she was currently well enough to attend.In an emotional letter, the mom of three admitted she has “good days and bad days” and is “not out of the woods” with the illness.“On those bad days you feel weak, tired and you have to give in to your body resting,” she wrote.
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King Charles, Prince William seen returning to duties as wild rumors over royals’ health swirl
baseless reports of his death surfaced online.The monarch, 75, appeared chipper as he arrived in a limousine at Clarence House Tuesday morning after spending time at Windsor Castle in recent days.His Majesty was then taken to Buckingham Palace, where he hosted a handful of veterans of the Korean War to mark the 70th Anniversary of the conflict.Charles, who is currently in the midst of his outpatient cancer treatment following his diagnosis in February, met with veterans Alan Guy, Mike Mogridge, Brian Parritt, and Ron Yardley during the private audience.Later on, the King’s family will step in to host a reception for around 200 Korean War veterans in the Palace’s Bow Room.His sister Anne, the Princess Royal, will host the event alongside Sophie, the Duchess of Edinburgh.Princess Anne will deliver a speech about the war on behalf of the King.The King’s appearance will help to quell the ongoing rumors about his health that have been sending royalists into overdrive in recent weeks.Elsewhere on Tuesday, Prince William was seen visiting housing initiatives in Sheffield, north England, to promote his homelessness project.The Prince of Wales, 41, has long been an advocate for helping the homeless, and has done a lot of work for various charities through the Royal Foundation’s Homewards program.William’s appearance Tuesday comes just days after he was spotted visiting a farm shop with his wife, Kate Middleton.Palace sources have exclusively told The Post that footage of the Waleses out and about should be enough to put an end to wild conspiracy theories about her health.Charles, for his part, has been taking a slight step back from royal engagements in recent weeks since being diagnosed with cancer.Despite that, the King is keen
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The Stone of Destiny’s ancient, ‘iconic’ role in King Charles’ coronation
Stone of Scone at Westminster Abbey ahead of King Charles III‘s coronation on May 6 — the latest chapter in a centuries-long history shared by the two countries.Charles will become the latest in a long line of monarchs who have been crowned atop the stone, also known as the Stone of Destiny. Once a spoil of war, it is now seen as an ancient symbol not just of Scotland’s own monarchy, but also the oft-uneasy unity at the core of the United Kingdom that Charles now rules over.“It’s a really iconic object,” Rachel Pickering, a historian and advisor for Historic Environment Scotland, told Global News.Historians believe the 150-kilogram block of red sandstone dates back to the late ninth century, but Pickering notes its exact origins are “shrouded in mystery.”Some legends date the stone back to biblical times, while others believe it came from the ancient Antonine Wall built by the Romans across Central Scotland in the second century.Yet Pickering says it’s widely accepted that “the stone is from Scotland, and more specifically that it comes from the locality of Scone.”Whatever its origins, the stone was used for centuries in the coronations of Scottish kings at Scone Palace on Moot Hill in Perthshire — hence the name Stone of Scone.That was until 1296, when King Edward I of England seized the stone from Scotland during the First Scottish War of Independence, along with the royal regalia of John Balliol, King of Scots.“They were essentially stripped from the Scottish king and taken to England as sort of war booty,” Pickering said.Upon returning to England, Edward commissioned what is now known as the Coronation Chair, a wooden throne that housed the Stone of Scone directly under the seat.