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Lena Dunham 'struggled' over health decision

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Lena Dunham "struggled" with putting her health above having children. The 'Girls' creator - who is married to Luis Felber - has been open about her struggles with endometriosis and ultimately underwent a hysterectomy and though she was worried she'd closed the door on starting a family, she eventually realised she couldn't carrying on living in constant pain.

She told Observer magazine: “It was one of those decisions where… it’s not really a decision? I struggled with this idea, that I had chosen my own health over being able to bear children. "But really it wasn’t a choice at all because the person I would have continued to be had I remained in that kind of pain would not have been a person I could really live as. . . "I didn’t realise how much of my time had been taken up with the concerns of my body. ” The 36-year-old star admitted it is only looking back now that she can see how much she was affected by her health issues in her 20s.

She said: “Chronic pain is another one of those things, like ‘chronic internet trolling’, that I didn’t give enough credit to in my 20s.

Now I view everything that happened then through a lens of pain – this sort of ozone layer that no one can see around you, that defines your reactions. ” Lena is horrified by how much online abuse she used to receive over her curvy figure while she was ill, and though she is "bigger" now, she's proud of her body and everything she has overcome.

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