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Richard Simmons Reveals Skin Cancer Diagnosis

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Richard Simmons has been diagnosed with skin cancer. The 75-year-old fitness guru shared the update about his health on his Facebook on Tuesday (March 19), one day after sharing an update that concerned fans. Richard explained that he recently noticed a “strange looking bump” under his right eye, which his dermatologist diagnosed as basal cell carcinoma, the most common form of skin cancer. Keep reading to find out more… “I sat in his chair and he looked at it through a magnifying mirror.

He told me he would have to scrape it and put it under the microscope. Now I am getting a little bit nervous. He comes back about 20 minutes later and says the C word.

You have cancer. I asked him what kind of cancer and he said. Basel [sic] Cell Carcinoma. I told him to stop calling me dirty names.

He laughed,” he wrote. He then shared that he visited Dr. Ralph Massey, who specializes in skin cancer surgery. “He explained that he has to burn my skin to remove the cancer cells.

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