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'The day I was given the diagnosis I felt completely numb... I asked the doctor am I going to die?'

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Tabby Duff was just 26 years old when she was given the shocking news that she had breast cancer. Tabby had found a small lump on her right breast in October 2020 but being so young and having no family history of cancer she never imagined it would be anything serious - assuming it was a hormonal cyst.

She still visited her GP and was referred for a biopsy and a mammogram. However, just weeks later she was told thee devastating news she had stage two breast cancer. READ MORE: Pretty village near M56 has 'lots going on under the surface' - and is one of Britain's best Due to Covid restrictions, Tabby was given this news on her own, but thankfully her mum was allowed into the consultation room to help her absorb the news.

Following the initial shock of the diagnosis, Tabby decided she would only cope with the diagnosis and treatment by remaining positive.

She started a blog about her journey while receiving treatment at the Clatterbridge Centre in Liverpool. Thanks to social media she was able to connect and become friends with other women her age facing a breast cancer diagnosis.

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