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Chloe Ferry recovers in hospital after boob reduction as she shows off old implants

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Chloe Ferry has revealed that she's recently undergone a breast reduction and had her implants removed.The TV star, 38, has been open about the numerous cosmetic procedures she's undergone since finding fame on Geordie Shore in 2015 and has recently been undergoing something of a make-under.

Back in November Chloe had her lip filler dissolved and it seems she has since decided to go for a more natural look and have her breast implants removed too.

Sharing an update with fans on her Instagram page, Chloe posted a video in which she told fans: "Hi everyone. So it's day two of my boob reduction. "I feel totally fine and they gave me the option to go back to the villa this morning but I said I'll stay here one more night.Then I'm going to go back to the villa and recover properly there. "Honestly can't believe how quick my recovery has been this time.

Last time when I had my boobs done it was a lot harder than this time. "My boobs now look more in proportion with my body. Just because I've lost so much weight. "My other implants - I'm going to show you them now - they were so big and heavy and I feel like it created a lot of bad back pain.

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