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Doctor debunks hair washing 'myth' that will have grim consequences for your scalp

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Hair wash day can often feel like a chore, but one doctor has warned that neglecting to clean your hair regularly could have serious consequences.

Dr Jenny Liu, a board-certified dermatologist, took to TikTok to share her advice, stating in the caption of her video that "scalp care is skincare".

She then explained why you should "never go more than a few days" without washing your hair, debunking the "myth" that our hair and scalp naturally cleanse themselves. "We know that sebum, dead skin build-up, all of that basically contributes to Malassezia yeast overgrowth [a fungal skin condition], that can lead to dandruff, as well as inflammation," Dr Liu said. "Just even sebum itself sitting on our scalp causes oxidative stress, and that inflammation is not a healthy environment for your hair to grow." She also advised those experiencing hair loss to maintain good scalp health to maximise hair growth.

Dr Liu stated that the frequency of hair washing is "personal", and "depends on your scalp type" and "lifestyle". For those with an oily scalp or who exercise regularly, she suggests washing hair "frequently", perhaps every other day or even daily.

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